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Hssiss Trick

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For those utilizing the Hssiss Unlimited XP exploit.....I have a trick that might assist you in recovering even more force points.


Several Clever posters have pointed out that while NORMAL methods of Force Point recovery has been turned off in the Secret Tomb in the Shyrack Caves on Korriban, one can still recover Force Points by using the Force Power Drain Force.

This is most effective of course at its 3rd Tier or Master Level and does work well.


I've also noticed that if you have a force regeneration underlay or force regeneration lightsaber crystal that these too work well. With both in play.....force points aren't an issue at all. I went from Level 22 to Level 42 in about 25 minutes......so Force Storm AWAY!! Speed might lead to the Dark side....but ahhh, what sheer joy it is to be evil!!! :(




"NOW I AM THE MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yeah, I used Force Body and Force Drain at first to conserve force points. Found Force Body superflous though once you get to level 32 onwards as there are just too much force points.


Still not as much fun though as I wound up with a character with too many force powers I don't seem to use much and feats that are not needed. Should have stopped at 30. But the loot drops at level 40 have been pretty good (GNS strength enhancer, Tech specialist belt, circlet of Saresh, Jal Shey mentor belt, Zeison Sha warrior armor) even with enemies that have ridiculously high saves and defense (can't believe enemies defense goes up with class?? Are they Jedi or something??). They do hit for 70 to 80 damage but means nothing to characters with over 500 vitality.


If only the random loot drops were better implemented, then higher levelling would not be such a temptation.

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O.K. someone please explain the Hssiss trick to me. Also, I'm not sure I fully undstand how you level up faster by conserving force points.


It's a way to grow to Lv. 50:


1) Go to the Tomb of Ludo Kreesh in Korriban


2) Find the room where there is a dead Jedi lying between 4 pillars.


3) Keep pressing "A" or PC equivalent on the Jedi. Soon the room will fill up with Hssiss.


4) Take out the Hssiss, easiest with Force Storm and when you get weakened use Death Field.


5) Once all Hssiss are dead activate the dead Jedi again.


6) Rinse and repeat.


And basically if you're DS then you don't lose your FP. If you're LS, you won't gain FP that easily in this tomb. You should do the hssiss glitch preferably if you are DS.

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Maybe it seems pointless to you.


Ok---That's your opinion and you're entitled to it.


If you're open to a counter-argument, here's another perspective:


Reasons why one might want to level up this way:


1. Want to max skills for gameplay/item creation.


2. Desire the main character to be all purpose w/skills


3. Want to have more force powers


4. Want higher attribute points. For me, I wanted a few more to increase my

INT for skills and my CON for the higher implants (takes 4 levels to earn a pt)


5. Higher Quality Item drops seem to be linked to Character Level.


6. Want to put some levels in their prestige classes so as to earn all bonuses.



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Your force regenerates when neutral also...

Lou Gutman, P.I.- It's like I'm not even trying anymore!

One billion b-balls dribbling simultaneously throughout the galaxy. One trillion b-balls being slam dunked through a hoop throughout the galaxy. I can feel every single b-ball that has ever existed at my fingertips. I can feel their collective knowledge channeling through my viens. Every jumpshot, every rebound and three-pointer, every layup, dunk, and free throw. I am there.

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O.K. someone please explain the Hssiss trick to me. Also, I'm not sure I fully undstand how you level up faster by conserving force points.



Darth Rad explained how the Hssiss trick works. In the PC version, you simply use the mouse to keep clicking on the Jedi's body.


As to conserving Force Points...the tomb is a dead area that doesn't allow you to automatically regenerate force points. You can regenerate health points. The reason this is important is because you average between 300-450 xp per Hssiss killed. Spamming 3-4 Force Storms generally is enough to kill say 10-20, generating between 3000-5000 xp, but drains your force power. This means it won't take too long to level up your character. The problem is that without some form of Force point regeneration, you will not be able to use your force powers on a continual basis to kill Hssiss, but instead have to resort to melee or other tactics. This is a very slow option compared to spamming Force Storms. Using Drain Force or Regen Force Items allows you to recoup your Force Points quickly...allowing this to be continued until you reach Level 50 should you desire, upon which you run into the Level 50 character restriction. It works for both Lightside and Darkside characters. Its just that Force Storm and Drain Force are going to be more expensive for Lightside Characters....but that's really not a problem--you'll have more than enough force using this strategy and even nicer, it has no negative effect on your alignment. Its also important to have full force powers when finished with this....because Revan waits around the corner...and once you are in the Tomb, you can't leave until you've defeated him.


Ok? Hope that helps explain things.



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make sure you cast force drain before hitting a group with force storm..force storm not only deletes health, but drains force points...


you also can't die in there...


force body should only be taken by a darkside jedi who wants to use master heal...


cast force body, and use master heal...the heal takes care of any vitality point loss from using force body...its otherwise a useless power. :thumbsup:

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It's not pointless at all. I am certain that I hit Korriban tomorrow and I will take on Hssiisss's, probably with my lightsabers, and Force wave. Yes, unfortunately I am a Jedi Master now. Shouldn't be a problem though.


What I try to do with it:


Gain 18 constitution so I can equip those heavy implants! Now, that's a good reason!

Master Vandar lives!

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