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So what was GO-TO about then ? [spoiler]

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As far as I can understand this droid is effected more than any other character by the rushed completion of this game.


To my knowledge all we learn about him in game is that he's a droid and he wants order to be restored to the galaxy for the sake of his profits and that he works for the exchange, plus we were ressponsible for blowing his yatch up. He doesnt like the Baou Dur remote although we never know why.


Other things that can be derrived - he is either GO-TO himself or is programed by the actual GO-TO who appeares to the bounty hunters in the hologram or hes constantly controlled by GO-TO sat at a desk somewhere on another planet (I hope the latter wasnt the idea behind him because it makes no sense at all). Personally i get the impression hes a droid programed by GO-TO but we never actually find that out. As far as I know this is the sum total of what we know of GO-TO.


I know from the forumns that loads of parts cut out to do with him explain him better, to the extent that his part in the game makes sense. What I want to know is did anyone playing the game find out anything else about GO-TO from the game in its current form that I havent mentioned or was it realy that badly done. Im wondering if I missed some points because I had low influence.

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I always knew as soon as i first saw Goto, his voice.. you never see him in person.. obvious.



Yep, G0-T0 and Goto are the same person, G0-T0 used to work for the Republic, and was made to do something that was impossible for him to do, so he decided to leave the Republic. He was the reason that the Republic was using the Fuel from the Peragus Facility, the Republic would have used the Hutts on Nar Shaddaa, but they would have bleed them dry and it would have been worser in the long run for the republic.. so when you start a new game, dont get the fuel from him.




Shane Tyduk

Some awesome title name here


"If you sharpen a knife to its limits,

you run the risk of cutting your own

hand. The knife has no choice but to

be as sharp as you made it."

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[spoiler2]I think G0-T0 is very likely Goto himself, for quite the same reasons written above. I don't remember when, but he said some things which lead me to think this. As for the fuel affair, I did not know everything about it. I'll play again the game to see further informations about this and some other points.[/spoiler2]

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