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What's the highest Wisdom you can get?

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I'm sure it's pretty riidiculous, but can it get over 45? I mean, with mods from equipment. The highest I got mine to was 37.


Actually, what stats do you usually end up at? I usually try to get my intelligence around 18 for skills, dex about 17 and all the others as high as I can with the points left over.

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This is no kidding, I can't remember on top of my head, but my 2x level consular/master LS mastery (+3 WIS) had 41(or 42) WIS, and 20 CHA after all item/mastery/leveling modifications.


My force powers such as insanity, stasis field etc. = guaranteed success, even for Sion (but not Nihilus or Traya). Force Storm deals crazy high dmg, usually killing enemies in 1 or 2 hits. Master Heal heals about 90 HP, with absolute no loss of mana (coz mana regen just too fast, something like 6 mana/s) same goes with Master Speed.


On a side note [spoiler ??],





after I got Battle Precognition from Handmaiden, it adds WIS modifier into ur AC. When coming along with Force Armor, I get AC50. Most normal enemies cant even hit me properly, HP nvr drops :blink:


When I finished the game I have something like 3xx HP and 7xx mana.



And ya, I was stunned when I suddenly knew my character got this insanely high WIS...

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Ok, I don't really care about the whole "Force Armor" thing, since this was abotu Wisdom. But if it's broken, then it's broken. Stop whining.


Anyways, here's a rundown of my level 27 Jedi Master's Wisdom score of 50:


Wisdom beginning attribute score: 18

24 levels to add points: +5 (1 went into Charisma)

Lightsaber crystals: +4

Circlet of Saresh: +5

Jal Shey Mediation Gloves: +2

Jal Shey Mentor Belt: +2

Mental Boost Implant: +2 (My Con wasn't high enough for the system or D-package)

Ossus Keeper Robe: +4

Light Side Mastery (as Jedi Master): +3

using Master Valor: +5


so you got 18+5+4+5+2+2+2+4+3+5=50.


And if your Con is high enough, you could get yourself a nice Mental Boost System or Mental Boost D-Package, which adds +3 and +4 to your Wisdom. So getting your Wisdom score to 50 isn't quite that hard. In fact, Nihilus didn't touch me cuz I kept Stasis Fielding and Force Waving him (as well as Friendly powers for myself), Sion couldn't escape my Stasis Field or Force Wave (and my Battle Meditation kept him low), and Traya, well Traya gave me trouble cuz she's immune to Stasis Field. But with Force Potency, my Force Wave kept her falling.



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i thought it was kind of sad with such a high wisdom score of 49 tho, since all your force powers were almost guarenteed it made nothing challenging. i could walk into a room, force wave, everyones stunned, my party attacking, me spamming some force storm / death field / whatever , with the final force stance that added plus damage i could hit a whole room for 140ish with my storm, guarenteeing a quick death. and with such a high wisdom score, the bonus to armor becomes rediculous as well, iirc i had 55 AC, with master speed, valor, and armor. oh yeah, i killed the final boss with Kill, kinda sad, it was never resisted the couple times i cast it.

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