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Help with Aczul's mercs [Spoilers]

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I've just freed Vrook from the crystal cave in Dantooine.  I'm playing LS with Disciple and Atoon, every time we try to leave the cave to help Koohda, we meet  Aczul who sets his mercs on us and they  take us to pieces.  Any advice on tactics or strategies most welcome



Clariana13  :ermm:




An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure.


Before you leave the cave, equip each character with Mandalorian Melee or Power shields (these protect from physical damage, and they're all equipped with two bladed swords), use stimulants, and cast whatever Force enhancing powers you want.


Force Barrier works well here, since it also prevents some of the physical damage.


Knight Speed is very helpful, so you can mow down attackers.


Cast Knight Valor (or whatever you have) to give yourself a bit of a bonus, just as combat starts.


Finally, if one of your characters is L12 jedi, and you have Horror or Insanity (better), keep spamming that power, and you'll prevent a good number of them from attacking, while they cower in fear.

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It is nice that energy shields and mandalorian meelee shields are recharchable now. Assuming good repair skill and a character with decent security skill.


energy shield breaks down into one component (even with 0 repair skill) and only TAKES one component to make with 1 security skill. Mandalorian meelee shields can be broken down into 3 components (assuming repair skill of 20) and crafted with a security skill of 5.


In this fight, definitely go with the Mandalorian meelee shields (as you can only put up one or the other i.e. energy shield can't be up same time as meelee shield). You may also want to outfit your non-Jedi characters in armor with the ballistic shielding and underlays that give bonus against physical attacks.

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The way I defeated them was by hitting them with stasis field. Then opening some distance between them and my party. I then threw cryro grenades or adhesive grenades to stick them to the ground. Once they were stuck I used ranged attacks. However, watch out for Thermal detonators as they are so powerful they will blow the merc out of whatever you have used to stick them to the ground.



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