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Hk's assasin rifle and armor?

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I know the item locations are random but does anyone know where they have gotten the droid assassi rifle and HK's special armor from in the past?


Oh yeah and on a side note im trying to get the holo recording from T3. Ive reparied him all the way and have alot of influence as far as i know. My repaire and cpu skills are high and my intellegence is 14. Ive just finished the first planet (nar shadar) and I have HK and the scene about the nav system being locked has played. Any ideas anyone?



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Dont know how true this is but the rifle is a random drop as long as you are over a certain level. Which means do Nar Shada as your last planet and you might just get one.


Because it's part of the main plot you wont miss it.


Your talking to the wrong bot about the nav console. You want to talk to a shorter one after you speak to HK.


Sadly you only get one shot at the holo. After T3 plays the list for you ask if there is anything else in there and examine his core. The Bastila holo will then play (and depend on what options you took with Atton at the start) you can then talk to T3 about the holo.


(that is unrelated to the nav comp btw).

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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Or you can use the console and type:

"giveitem d_hk47_01" (rifle)

"giveitem d_hk47_02" (armor)


It might be 02 for the rifle and 01 for the armor, I'm not sure, but use both and you should get both.


The amount of damage that the rifle is doing is insanely high though.

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Bah, I'm beginning to think I'll never have enough influence with HK for him to tell me anything. I can ask about the computer, but he just tells me I'll have to trust T3. T3 loves me, but I haven't had new dialogue options with T3 for hours, and cannot ask about the computer.


I'm going in dialogue circles all the way around, it seems.

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