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Returning the game.

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So the initial release was a big flop. And a month from now, a patch will fix majority of graphics problems and stability issues.

However, people who expect a "complete ending" are in for a very long wait. Full story line, romance, etc. will not be coming in first or second patch, it's simply not possible without adequate testing.

And now (I can't verify this, at work, but I'll definitely check it once I get home) I just read that sound encoding is terrible. I couldn't tell b/c I just got Audigy 2 yesterday, with 5.1 speaker set.


So.....sometime 6 months down the road game will maybe be playable again.

But this is now, and after finishing the game once, I don't feel like going through it again. It's all completely linear and busted. It's incredibly easy, even if my char was a sentinel/master with AC never getting above 35. And I am NOT looking forward to playing it again with mono sound on my brand spanking new sound setup. No thank you, sir. I have uninstalled it already and put Doom 3 on instead. I think I'll go for "scare myself and everyone around me to death" approach now.


All this said, how does one go about getting their $$ back?

No retailer nowdays takes back opened PC games. Half-Price books have cut down on # of PC games they buy (well, last time I sold them games was 2 years ago, and even new ones were $15 at most).

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