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EU - Sith Background

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Firstoff this is EU content, means follows not the canon set by the movies. So merely its expanded content not regarded as official but given approval to be sold. Clearly, there are ppl that hate all EU content, and others that pretty much love it.


I thought since some confusion about Sith in general came up on this boards to point you guys to a source in which the whole Sith EU mess is a bit explained, else you can get a whole comic series which dedicates on the old sith and jedi order:


In The Beginning


Twenty five millenia before the time of Darth Vader, about the time the Galactic Republic formed, a group of Force-sensitive individuals came together to form the Jedi order. Over time they studied the Force, learned from it, and refined the order into what it is today. The Jedi order served the Republic as advisors and peacekeepers. They understood the dangers of the Dark Side and stayed primarily to the Light. But not all were content with the Light Side. Although forbidden to do so, a few individuals chose to secretly study the Dark Side of the Force; Studying the magics of anger and chaos. Their numbers grew until the inevitable confrontation between the Light and the Dark. This came to be known as the Great Schism; Jedi against Jedi, brother against brother. The Dark Jedi, finally defeated after a century of bloodshed, took their battered ships into exile, crossing the galaxy into the unknown. There the vanquished Dark Jedi found a primitive civilization, a new people to dominate, the Sith. With unlimited resources and willing slaves, the Jedi exiles forged the Sith civilization into a powerful Empire.


After many centuries the Sith Empire grew to a vast, rich realm spanning several star systems. This was the Golden Age of the Sith. The Empire was led by many Sith Lords and one supreme ruler, the Dark Lord of the Sith. This title was passed from one generation to the next, with only one Dark Lord at a time. Although little is known of the first several Dark Lords, 5,200 years ago Marka Ragnos defeated Simus for the title and ruled during the pinnacle of the Golden Age. The Sith Lords built huge stone temples to house the remains of their Dark Lords, and used their magic to create creatures of unspeakable horror to guard the tombs. The Sith Lords crafted many things on the backs of the Sith people, many architectural wonders. The Sith Lords also created many artifacts in this time, items infused with their malevolent Sith power. Some enhanced the wielders power in the Dark Side, others were made to focus Sith energy into a certain effect. The Sith people and the Sith Lords intermarried, and some of pure Sith blood gained the status of Sith Lord.




The Great Hyperspace War


Two hundred years later, at the funeral ceremony of Marka Ragnos, the title of Dark Lord was once again in dispute. This time it was between Naga Sadow and his arch rival Ludo Kressh. Sadow was part of the elite priesthood of pure Sith blood and said that the Sith had grown too complacent, and that they should expand their empire and conquer new territory. Content with the current glory of the Sith Empire, Kressh vehemently opposed Sadow and accused him of practicing forbidden magic. The confrontation escalated into a duel, but the ghost of Marka Ragnos intervened; the shade told the Sith Lords to choose their fights wisely and be weary of the coming times. Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh agreed on a temporary truce, but were interrupted by the arrival of Gav and Jori Daragon, hapless hyperspace explorers who showed up in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Mistaken as spies, Gav and Jori Daragon were taken prisoner by the Sith. The Sith Lords convened to discuss Gav and Jori's fate. Ludo Kressh argued that they were precursors to an invasion and should be killed imediately; Naga Sadow belived they could lead the Sith to the Republic, for their own invasion. Later, Sadow staged a jail-break to look like the Republic had arrived and attacked the prison. Outraged, the Sith Lords demanded swift action and elected Naga Sadow Dark Lord of the Sith. Ludo Kressh openly opposed this and refused to accept Sadow as the next Dark Lord. With Gav and Jori hidden away in his fortress, Sadow staged another attack to retrieve their impounded ship and again made it look like the Republic did it. But Ludo Kressh found the evidence that Sadow had intentionally left that implicated him. Fearing that Sadow's treasonous actions would lead to the fall of the Sith Empire, Kressh attacked Sadow's fortress. However, Kressh had attacked a decoy fortress and waltzed right into Sadow's trap, barely escaping with his life. But during the attack, Sadow had tricked Jori into escaping and fleeing back to the Republic for help. Unbeknownst to her, Sadow had place a tracking device on her ship that would lead the Sith right to the Republic. While Sadow was gathering the Sith forces for the invasion of the Republic, Kressh mounted another attack, this time on Sadow's real fortress. But Sadow destroyed Kressh's ship by remotely activating it's self destruct mechanism. Following the tracking device, the Sith fleet headed for the Republic. The ensuing conflict would later be known as the Great Hyperspace War.


Without warning, the Sith invasion force launched a multi-pronged attack that included Koros Major and Kirrek in the Empress Teta system and Coruscant, capital of the Galactic Republic. Unprepared for an invasion, most of the Republic struggled to withstand the onslought of the Sith forces. The only one who heeded Jori Daragon's warning of a Sith invasion was the Empress Teta. Ready for the invasion, her imense forces were nearly all that stood between the Sith and control of the Republic. During his captivity, Gav had been tutored by Naga Sadow in the ways of the Dark Side. At Sadow's request Gav had reluctantly accepted command of the Sith invasion force. But now, seeing all the death and destrucion, Gav had a change of heart. Confronting Sadow at Primus Gould, Gav disabled Sadow's meditation sphere. Without Naga Sadow using his Sith powers to control his armies, the tide began turning and the Sith forces were pushsed back. Regrouping his forces at Primus Gould, Sadow drew the Republic forces there for a trap that resulted in the supernova of Primus Gould, an already unstable star. Gav warned the Republic forces and allowed them to escape, but was himself doomed to die aboard the damaged meditation sphere as the star went supernova. Fleeing back to Sith territory, Sadow's fleet was met by Ludo Kressh, who had somehow managed to survive their last confrontation. While Sadow was away invading the Republic, Kressh had rallied the forces that were left behind in Sith territory and now led them against Sadow's already battered fleet. But Naga Sadow managed to defeat Ludo Kressh once again by ordering a damaged capital ship to ram Kressh's flagship, finally killing Ludo Kressh. With not a moment to rest, Sadow was imediately assailed by the Republic fleet that had followed him. In a last ditch effort, Sadow fled in his one remaining battleship between two binary stars; Using powerful Sith magic, Sadow caused huge solar flares to explode between the stars, destroying his persuers and masking his escape. With his fleet destroyed and the Sith Empire in ruins Naga Sadow fled to an isolated star system called Yavin. There on the fourth planet of the Yavin System he established a new base. Sadow commanded his loyal Sith followers to build great Sith temples. For over a hundred years he ruled as Dark Lord over the sole remaining outpost of the Sith Empire.


The Feedon Nadd Uprising


Over the next millennia the Sith Lords all died out, the Sith civilization on Yavin 4 fell into disrepair, and the remaining Sith people were mutated by Naga Sadow's magic into primitive, beast-like creatures that would guard the temples forever. But in that time, almost six hundred years after Sadow's arrival on Yavin 4, A Sith Lord by the name of Freedon Nadd couldn't wait to become Dark Lord of the Sith. Not wanting to challenge the reigning Dark Lord, Nadd left to start his own Empire. His search led him to the backwater planet of Onderon, bringing with him the dark power of the Sith. For centuries after his death, the ruling family of Onderon was tainted by Sith magic.


Four Thousand years before the Galactic Civil War, three Jedi knights, including Ulic Qel-Droma, were dispatched to Onderon to put an end to the Beast Wars that had been raging for fifty years. The Jedi were successful and brought peace to Onderon, but discovered that Queen Amanoa had been influenced by the ghost of the dead Sith Lord.


Shortly following the end of the Beast Wars, loyalists to Freedon Nadd rebeled and threatened to retake Onderon in the name of the Sith Lord. Nadd's reign of darkness was brought to an end when the Jedi interceeded and quelled the Freedon Nadd uprising. His sarcophagus was eventually moved to Dxun, removing the remaining source of Nadd's power from Onderon.


The Saga Of Exar Kun


Four millennia before the Rebel base on Yavin 4, the Sith Empire would be reborn at the hands of Exar Kun. Kun was a young Jedi, arrogant and powerful. he was fascinated by things of the Dark Side, and against his master's wishes went to learn all he could of the ancient Sith. His research took him to the Dxun moon, where rested the remains of Freedon Nadd. The spirit of Freedon Nadd appeared to Kun, and gave him a gift. Under the corpse of Nadd rested two scrolls, which told the location of the Sith homeworld, Korriban. Wanting to learn all he could, Kun immediately set out for Korriban.


Unkown to Kun, their were other Sith workings in the air. Two young aristocrats from the Empress Teta System had treveled to Onderon just before it was purged of the Dark Side. There they were taught many Sith teachings, and returned home with this dangerous knowledge. There they and several other aristocrats formed a secret group called the Krath, and soon they assasinated their royal parents with Sith powers, and took control of the entire system. The Jedi Masters learned of this, and sent a task force led by Ulic Qel-Droma and Nomi Sunrider to destroy the Krath. Using Sith illusions, the Krath drove the fleet and the Jedi temporarily away.


Kun, meanwhile reached Korriban and stood in awe at the temples of the Sith. He entered into the shrines of the dead Dark Lords of the Sith. The Spirit of Freedon Nadd again appeared to him and offered him unimaginable power if he would give himself over to the Dark Side. Exar Kun's idealistic plans to learn the Sith teachings without going to the Dark Side were crushed along with his mortal body in a cave-in caused by Nadd. With Nadd's treachery, Kun was forced to give in to the Dark Side, to let it heal him, and heal him it did, but it desecrated his soul. Deeper into the catacombs the Dark Lords tested Kun, forcing him to fend off several viscious beasts, but finding his light side powers blocked he was once again forced to rely on his anger and the Dark Side to destroy them, and the Dark Lords approved. Freedon Nadd then told Kun of Naga Sadow, a Sith Lord from the Golden Age who was an expert alchemist, and that Sadow had fled with his followers to the fourth moon of Yavin. His followers had degenerated into a people called the Massassi, but they were of Sith blood, and many artifacts and teachings remained there. Nadd instructed Kun to go there.


The Krath had not been idle. They had sent several assassin droids to a large meeting of the Jedi on Deneba. The Jedi Masters and Knights easily destroyed the droids, but not before at least one Jedi Master was slain. This event caused the Jedi to realize that there were darker things than they had ever known going on in the galaxy. With Ulic Qel-Droma's master slain, he vowed to infiltrate the Krath and destroy it from the inside.


Kun arrived on the forth moon of Yavin, only to be captured by the Massassi. He saw that they were linked to the Dark Side, and the Massassi sensed that Kun was a chosen Dark Lord. The Massassi took him to the temple of fire, where Kun faced several alchemical monstrocities created by the long-dead Naga Sadow. He commandeerd a powerful Sith Amulet, and used it to enhance his powers and destroyed the creatures. The Massassi proclaimed Exar Kun their ruler and bowed down to him. The spirit of Nadd urged Kun into the laboratory of Naga Sadow, but Kun relaizeed that Nadd had been using him in hopes that Sadow had perfected the art of giving flesh back to the dead, and Nadd very much wanted to live again, to conquer, again. Kun then turned on the spirit, and using the Amulet, destroyed him utterly. But Nadd had just enough time to get a message to the Krath, telling them to fear Exar kun, and that he was a pretender to the Sith legacy, that they were the true heirs.


Setting his plan in motion Ulic Qel-Droma gained the trust of the Krath by saving them during a citizen revolt that took place at a public execution. While Aleema was more than willing to have Ulic join them, Satal Keto still did not trust him. When Nomi Sunrider arrived in Cinnagar looking for Ulic she was taken prisoner and brought before them. Testing Ulic's commitment, Satal commanded him to execute Nomi, who Ulic was in love with. Not wanting to blow his cover, Ulic postponed the execution to the following morning and tried to get a message to Nomi telling her his real situation. Satal intercepted this message and sent an assassin to kill Ulic. The assassin failed, Nomi escaped, and Ulic killed Satal in a moment of rage in revenge for his master. This act started Ulic Qel-Droma down the path of the Dark Side.


Out to destroy his competition, Exar Kun traveled to Cinnagar to find the Krath. Aleema's lust for Ulic blinded her to his treachery and she still chose to give him a Sith amulet, which would unwittingly allowed Exar Kun to find him. Drawn together by powerful magic, the Sith amulets when brought together released a message from the long dead Sith Lords. The Sith Lord commanded them not to fight each other and proclaimed that Kun would lead the Sith to glory as the new Dark Lord with Ulic as his apprentice. This partnership would lead to one of the bloodiest conflicts in galactic history, the Sith War.


The Sith War


The former enemeis now joined forces in a common goal of recreating the Golden Age of the Sith. Through his dabbling in forbidden teachings, Exar Kun had fallen competely under the spell of the ancient Sith ways, and he knew he needed to gain additional disciples to fan the flames of his planned victory. His search led him to Ossus, site of the great Jedi Library and a ripe training ground for Jedi apprentices. There Kun deceived several Jedi into following his cause, to gain great power through Sith teachings forbidden by the weak Jedi Masters. Meanwhile Ulic was busy commanding the Sith fleet, assaulting planets and shipyards to increase their own fleet size. Aleema assisted with powerful Sith illusions of an attacking fleet much greater than it actually was; This shadow-play panicked the defenders and gave the Sith the advantage. In the Empress Teta system the Sith fleet was confronted by Mandalore and his warriors. Fought to a standstill, Ulic agreed to fight one-on-one with Mandalore, with the vanquished pledging his allegiance to the victor. On the open plains of Harkul, Ulic defeated Mandalore and added the great Mandalorian warriors to the already vast Sith military.


Following planted clues to the whereabouts of the Sith fleet, the Republic fleet headed out to intercept them, but instead only succeeded in leaving Coruscant open to an attack by the Sith. Ulic was taken prisoner by the Jedi when Aleema treacherously left him behind and withdrew the Sith forces. Ulic was to be tried for high treason against the Republic, but the proceedings were interrupted by Exar Kun. Mesmerized by powerful Sith magic, the entire assembly in the senate hall could do nothing but watch as Kun proclaimed the coming Golden Age of the Sith. Confronting his fallen apprentice, Master Vodo challenged Exar Kun, but was killed, proving that Kun had gained much power with the Dark Side. Kun had also instructed his other Jedi followers to strike down their own Jedi Masters, to make room for the new age. Many Jedi Masters fell at the hands of their former apprentices.


To secretly punish her treachery, Exar Kun sent Aleema to the Cron System with a powerful Sith weapon to assault the Republic fleet. The weapon ripped the core from one of the ten stars in the Cron Cluster and hurled it at the Republic ships, incinerating all life aboard them with intense radiation. Aleema failed to realize that the star was now unstable, collapsing in upon itself and going supernova. The explosion triggered the other stars in the Cron Cluster to go as well, vaporizing Aleema and her ship.


The shockwave from the multiple supernovas churned across space like a tidal wave of doom at the speed of light, heading directly for the nearby Jedi archive world of Ossus. As the evacuation bagan, Ulic and Exar Kun rushed to claim the precious artifacts bofore the firestorm arrived. While there, Ulic ran into his brother, Cay, who confronted him and tried to bring him back to the Light Side. In a fit of Dark Side anger Ulic killed his own brother, but was then horror stricken when he realized what he had done. Nomi Sunrider, seeing her friend killed by the man she once loved, was devastated by the twisted workings of the Dark Side. In desperation, she used a Force-blocking technique on Ulic that would blind him to the Force . . . forever. With the Sith fleet getting pounded, Exar Kun retreated to Yavin 4 where he gathered all the Massassi to the main temple. Using ancient Sith alchemy, Kun drained the life-force from thousands of Massassi sacrifices and used it to entomb his spirit in the temple so that he could survive . . . even as his mortal body was destroyed in the firestorm rained down by the orbiting Republic/Jedi fleet, defeating the Sith once again.


The Mandalorian Wars


"Four thousand years before the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Republic was at its most vulnerable state. A devastating war against the fallen Jedi Exar Kun had shaken the galaxy to its very core, and left the Republic's defenses crippled. Sensing this weakness, the warlike Mandalorians began a series of brutal attacks against worlds throughout the Outer Rim. In desperation, the Republic turned to the Jedi Council for aid. The learned Masters wanted to proceed with customary caution and due care before embarking on a long and destructive military campaign; however, more immediate help came in the form of two young Jedi Knights named Revan and Malak. Ignoring the dictates of the Jedi Council, the charismatic pair recruited many to their cause, rallying the impulsive youth of the Order with cries of victory and glory. With Revan and Malak at the head of their great fleet, the Republic set forth to drive the invaders back. The Mandalorian Wars were long and bloody, and many Jedi perished in the struggle. Yet, at its end, the Republic emerged triumphant, and Revan and Malak were hailed as heroes.

Jedi Civil War


But the heroes of the Mandalorian Wars did not leave the war untouched; something about the Outer Rim worlds twisted and corrupted them. On Korriban, Revan uncovered the lost secrets of the Sith and became the heir to an ancient and evil legacy. Succumbing to the lure of the dark side, the fallen Jedi assumed the title of Darth Revan, Lord of the Sith. Malak was chosen as the Dark Lord's apprentice, and the great fleet under their control abandoned the Republic and swore fealty to their new Sith masters. With their army of followers, Revan and Malak returned not as saviors, but as conquerors. For two years battles raged on the perimeters of Republic space. The Sith gained victory after victory, until the Jedi set a trap to capture Revan and Malak. But during the chaos of battle, Malak turned on his master and tried to destroy both Revan and the Jedi, but his plan failed. Revan was captured by the Jedi, but Malak escaped and proclaimed himself the new Dark Lord, swearing revenge on the Jedi and Revan. Revan, stripped of his memory and former identity, became a pawn of the Jedi in an attempt to track down Malak. With the aid of the Jedi Bastilla, the brainwashed Revan relearned the ways of the Jedi while on a mission from the Jedi Council to find Malak, completely unaware of having a previous identity. Revan finally caught up with his former apprentice on the ancient Star Forge station. In that final confrontation, the traitorous Malak was defeated. Contradictory records have been uncovered on what happened to Revan after that, so his true fate is unknown.


Sith Resurgence, The Story of Darth Bane


It would not be for another two centuries before the Sith would rise again. A rogue Jedi became interested in the Dark Side of the Force and the Sith. Failing to gain approval for his beliefs from the Council, he had broken with the order, departing with his knowledge and his skills, swearing in secret that he could bring down those who had dismissed him.He was alone at first, but others from the Jedi order who believed as he did and who had followed him in his study of the dark side soon came over. Others were recruited, and soon the ranks of the Sith swelled to more than fifty in number. Disdaining the concepts of cooperation and consensus, relying on the belief that acquisition of power in any form lends strength and yields control, the Sith began to build their cult in opposition of the Jedi. Theirs was not an order created to serve; theirs was an order created to dominate.


Their war with the Jedi was vengeful and furious and ultimately doomed. With power as the ultimate goal of the Sith, loyalty and honor existed only when convenient. In the end, the internal strife between the Sith Lords would be their undoing. A thousand years after the reestablishment of the Sith order, the war between Jedi and Sith came to a climactic end. On the planet Ruusan the Jedi and Sith armies clashed, with heavy losses on both sides. When outright battle would not win the war, Darth Bane brought the Sith Lords together for a Dark Side meld. While lowly Sith minions engaged the Jedi in battle, the Sith Lords combined their Dark Side powers and began to annihilate the battlefield with Dark Side energy. However, Kaan had other ideas. Breaking the meld and insulting Bane, Kaan took the other Sith Lords to ambush the Jedi while they were recovering from the Dark Side energy assault, wanting to kill the Jedi with their own hands. Jedi reinforcements arrived just as the Sith Lords attacked and drive off the Sith. Beaten yet again, Kaan desperately decided to work together with the other Sith Lords (as long as HE was leading them) and planed to detonate a thought bomb. Delusional of their own power, Kaan thought that the Sith were strong enough to withstand the detonation of the bomb. As the Jedi army cornered the Sith Lords in a cavern, Kaan detonated the thought bomb, killing all the Jedi and Sith... save one, Darth Bane.


After Ruusan, Bane went to Dxun, a moon of Onderon... site of a strong concentration of Dark Side energy. There he stayed several years using the Dark Side energy to strengthen himself. When the Jedi believed all of the Sith destroyed, Darth Bane emerged form his concealment. Bane began training his apprentice, but there would only be two Sith at any one time. There would be no repetition of the mistakes of the old cult. Their common enemy was the Jedi, not each other. It was for their war with the Jedi they must save themselves.


And so on...



Source: http://thunder.prohosting.com/~spiff/history.html

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Did not bother reading this as it is in the cronicals on the official website as well as Star Wars databank website. So well done for wasting your time.


But i'm sure some people will enjoy it.

Another great idea by the people who brought you beer milkshakes!


"I don't see a problem...then again, SW isn't my life, so what do I know...." - some who makes 27.8 post per day on a SW forum!

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I really hope George destroys the EU interpretation of the Sith as creatures that interbred with Jedi. If it's one thing I hate in the EU it's the fact that the Sith were a specie that is now extinct :rolleyes: . "The Sith is an ideal" :-

That's what "Sith" became when Exar Kun fell to the dark side. The teaching spread among various Dark Jedi, until Darth Bane created the rule of two. Sith is just the belief now.


If I sound confusing, it's because I fail to understand why you hate that Sith is also an extinct people. Please explain. :cool:

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