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  1. Wasn't the underlying idea of this kickstarter project that Obsidian finally can realise their vision of an RPG without having interference by people that think they need to tell them what they ought to do?
  2. *sigh* ... after reading the "sith wars" again, there is this small scene which I have forgotten in which Exar Kun reclaims the ancient sith holocron from Odur, which according to the narrator possesses sith knowledge of a hundred thousand years... Well, this contradictions throughout the comic series can really drive you nuts... Also blocking someone from force is seen as light side ability. ah well...
  3. Somebody made a statement about the sith not having lightsaber weapons which is wrong and right if we stay true to EU content. In the prologue of Golden Age of the Sith, the first schism between the jedis, dark and light, was fought with lightsabers. at least we have a picture underlaying the first schism which basically were crossed lightsabers. There is a picture as well showing a jedi with lightsaber in front of kneeing siths. Later on, in a recall of the sith by Marka Ragnos we see pictures of the schism again this time fought with normal melee weapons. So its kinda confusing. A reaso
  4. Yup, it was a copy & paste so not much of a waste of time. But it sure may help some to get things into perspective. Cheers Solo
  5. Firstoff this is EU content, means follows not the canon set by the movies. So merely its expanded content not regarded as official but given approval to be sold. Clearly, there are ppl that hate all EU content, and others that pretty much love it. I thought since some confusion about Sith in general came up on this boards to point you guys to a source in which the whole Sith EU mess is a bit explained, else you can get a whole comic series which dedicates on the old sith and jedi order: In The Beginning Twenty five millenia before the time of Darth Vader, about the time the Galact
  6. What did Exar Kun do? All I know is that he led the Mandalorians or something. Me want story! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You idiot he started the sith. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually the sith were a race, and sith lords existed already a good millenia before Exar Kun, if we want to stay true to the EU, it started with some fallen jedi. And to quote Tales of the Jedi, Marka Ragnos was the most powerfull of the powerfull. *g* But as I said it is just a hopeless mindf*ck Cheers Solo
  7. getting headaches out of this, does it really matter at all? bottomline you should think about is you don't need to be the strongest and mightiest to cause ultimate sorrow @home, work, town, continent or in your local galaxy. " As for comparing non-canon with canon, c'mon guys that is just a wasteless mindf*ck. cheers Solo
  8. *sigh* after finishing kotor2 and reading this thread... at least somehow i was able to find peace with kotor2. thanks for sharing all the information guys and gals, really appreciated it. Especially Korriban and MalachorV were the big disappointment for me. And some of the provided stuff in here proves me, that some other reasons as creative limits led to this "result". As for the one comment about the cut endings being to dark and not fitting in the star wars universe I really like to point towards the EU which features some "darker" stuff all the way and to which this piece of ent
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