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TSL: Make up your own ending

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Hey there. This was an idea I had a while ago, so here it goes. Make up your own ending for TSL, wether LS or DS, or neutral, begining with the duel with Darth Nihilus Be as detailed as you want. It's a way for me to vent the frustration i felt at the end.


Darkside: Visas, Mandalore, and the Exile confront Nihilus as the derilict Ravager falls apart around them. The two wounds in the force face off alone, Visas and Mandalore are frozen with terror, or the force. After a feirce battle, Visas breaks free and distracts Nihilus long enough for The Exile to defeat him, however, she is fatally wounded as a result. Nihilus could not drain the force from the Exile, since s/he was completely severed from it. S/he, however, still gains from his death, as s/he did from all the deaths before, as the Jedi Counsil had revealed to you. The Exile takes up Nihilus' mask, and wears it as his own.


After the Hawk crashes on Malachor, the Party is scattered. As the Exile moves across the ruined planet, he finds Bao-Dur and Hanharr, and they continue on to the Temple. Halfway there, they are assaulted by a multitude of storm beasts. They fight them off for a time, but in the end, they are too much. Hanharr Distracts them as Bao and the Exile escape. As they watch from a cliff, hidden, Hanharr fights on and on untill he is finally overcome, the bodies of many storm beasts surronding him as he is torn to peices, dying as he wished to.


The Exile and Bao continue on, coming to the entrance of the Temple. There is a huge sheild across it, that is fatal to touch. They try multiple methods of geting around or through it, but they are set upon by sith assassins. Unable to face them all, Bao uses his repulsor fist to take out the sheild, and the resulting destruction buries him and the sith in rubble.


The Exile continues into the temple alone, and finds HK-47 and Mandalore in a pitched battle with more assassins led by a Sith Lord. The Exile joins the fight, and when the Sith are dispatched, The Exile tells them to go back to the ship and try and get it ready for departure. Meanwhile, the Exile goes deeper into the temple, feeding off the dark power, growing even stronger. Finally he comes to the Central hall where Brianna and Atton Face off against Sion. They fight hard, but Sion ultimately wins, freezing the Exile and making him watch as he tortures Aton and Brianna to the brink of death.


When they collapse, The Exile breaks free, and Sion and the Exile fight. Sion begins to lose control and break apart, and the Exile can see the crackling force enrgy inside him that is all that holds his shattered form together. In the end, the Exile wins, and Sion, giving up, is consumed by the force and falls apart. Atton (if Exile is Female) or Brianna (If male). Still lives, the other dies. The Exile heals her and tells her to go back to the Hawk.


Brianna, Mandalore, and HK-47 Fight their way back to the Ship, rescuing T3 or G0-T0 on the way (not both, they must choose who to save). Once back, they struggle to repair the ship as it begins to fall into the center of the shattered planet.


The Exile finally Faces Darth Traya. (Story progresses as per the game). At the end, the Exile cuts Traya down and runs to escape the collapsing planetiod. The Exile boards the Ebon hawk just before it falls into the chasm, and it apears they are lost. However, the Hawk escapes the imense gravity, and the Exile, HK, T3 (or G0-T0) and Brianna (or Atton) are the lone survivors.


They take refuge on Korriban for a time, where the Exile meditates for days. at the end, he decides to follow Revan to search for the True sith, to learn from them, or fight them. He places the burden of teaching the next generation of Sith onto Brianna's (or Atton's) shoulders, Leaving with HK-47and the other droid to unknown space. Mandalore returns to Dxun and gathers an army. Brianna wits on Korriban for the force sensitives who will inevitably come. When she has a few Aprentices, She goes to Dxun and, with the Mandalorians at her back, she begins to conquer once more.




Kinda long I know, but i think it would have worked. I like the idea of the Party giving their lives one by one for the player. Not gonna do Lightside yet, but it would be similar, at the end, they'd go to Dantooine instead of Korriban, and Brianna would train Jedi insstead of Sith, and aid the Republic against the Mandalorians instead.


What do you think? Anyone got some other ideas?

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If you picked Light Side:


After speaking with the last Jedi, Kreia telepathically summons you to her quarters - 'It is time I told you everything, exile'.


On the way down the Ebon Hawk corridor you are stopped by the Handmaiden/Male guy (forgot his name, will edit when I know). She tells you to be careful, Kreia has been acting more strangely than usual. You can either thank them and take their advice into consideration, tell them you think they are wrong, or rudely reject them. You then walk into Kreia's quarters. She tells you that you must travel to Dantooine so you can get the truth from the Jedi Masters. She also comes clean about her involvement with Revan, tells you what Revan told her before he left for the Unknown Regions (depending on whether he is light/dark).


The Hawk lands on Dantooine. Depending on whether you helped the Mercs or not, the leader of Khoonda greets you and tells you Master Vrook has gone off to the Academy Ruins. While talking to the Khoonda leader, Bao-dur and Atton run in, telling you that you can't go into the Academy alone.


Your party heads to the Academy only to find the complex completely rebuilt, and the front door open. You enter, and see the insides also refurnished, with the fountain once more gushing clean water, and vines hanging down from the ceiling. You enter the main chamber to find the Jedi Masters, who explain to you that you are a wound in the force, etc etc (basically all of the dialogue from the game). They then try to rob you of the Force, Kreia enters and slaughters them, and stuns you.


You wake up and get some new force powers (Dark Side: Force Crush, Force Minion (you destroy your enemy's mind and use him against your enemies), Force Hover (your character is temporarily given the ability to fly by using the Force - this will come into play later) Light Side: Force Enlightenment, Saber Mastery (now you fight like a REAL Jedi). Your FP also increase and you automatically gain a level (your exp you gained before stays the same). As you go to leave the Academy, Bastila enters.


Depending on whether Revan turned light/dark, Bastila either tells you how Revan brought her back from darkness, or joined her in it. She then explains what happened when Revan left and tells you, after much consideration, she wants to join you to go and find him. But first you must both travel to Telos to stop the Sith.


As you leave the Academy you find Bao-dur and Atton on the floor, almost dead. If you are light side you take them back to the Hawk. If you a Dark, you can finish what Kreia started and suck the Force from them. If you chose to save them, then back on the Hawk once they recover, they realise they are Force Sensitive.


The rest of the story runs by KOTOR2's interpretation until you arrive on Malachor V. The Hawk crashes as usual, however this time you see a cutscene of all of the passengers getting out, and then seperated by a rockslide. You are left with Bastila and Atton (Bastila has by now filled the empty party slot that was formerly Kreia's).


You head through the canyons that make up Malachor V's surface, having to kill the force beasts that you encounter. However you also see the twisted corpses of Jedi and Mandalorians on your travels, and cutscenes play of the final battle of the Mandalorian War as you remember what happened that day. Kreia sends you a message through your bond, taunting you, spurring you on, as you reach the large clearing where the extra large beast attacks you.


You now change to Bao-dur, the Handmaiden/Male guy, and Visas. They managed to survive the crash and subsequent rock slide and are now doing their best to reach you. However they are on a different map to you, and must find an alternative route to Trayus Academy. There is no sign as to whether the three droids survived the crash. Mandalore is lying unconscious on the opposite cliff side.


You now change back to the Exile, Bastila and Atton. You go on to reach the Academy and make your way through the first section, choosing either side to go into next. Bao'dur's party reach the Academy moments after you enter, only to be stopped by Darth Nihilus - 'Did you really think you could defeat me so easily? As long as the Force exists, I can never truly die. You know this to be true'. He encompasses the party in a stasis field, and casually cuts down Visas. The other two struggle to resist as Nihilus turns to them.


You now change to Mira/the wookiee, who have found Mandalore and given him treatment. They watch as Nihilus kills Visas. Mira would say 'No' or something to that effect, Mandalore would watch silently, and the wookiee would give a bellow of pleasure at seeing the spectacle. The wookiee would then appear to try to kill Mira, but Mandalore kills him. 'I've come to the end of my road, Mira. I never wanted this to happen...not to my companions, the group I have grown to honour and treasure'. Mandalore runs off into the wilderness. Mira goes down to the Academy.


Meanwhile the Handmaiden and Bao'dur are fighting for their lives against Nihilus, having broken free of his stasis field. Mira arrives, and the fight truly begins - the fight which you are in control. If you defeat him, you see a cutscene of him being driven into a chasm. Bao'dur then goes off with his remote to activate the computers on the downed ships for the Mass Shadow Generator. If you are beaten, you watch the party being slaughtered.


The rest goes forward like KOTOR2 did, Sion dying, etc, until you reach Kreia at Trayus Core. She seems genuinely surprised that Bastila came, 'I did not expect you to come, Jedi Shan. After your experiences with Revan I would have thought you to have left the Force behind, as did so many others'.


'I am a true Jedi, Kreia', Bastila replies, 'And the Force is my ally, as it ever shall be. You detest it - you can never use it to do good. And that is why you must be finished here'.


You go into a fight with Kreia. Once you defeat her the first time, no stupid lightsabers appear. Instead, Kreia uses the Force to push your party members back as she leaps onto a ledge to recover. Lightning strikes the red part of the platform, and you see Nihilus slowly but surely climb over the edge, onto the platform, and make his way over to you, restored.


'I took great pleasure in cutting the blinded Jedi down', he mocks. 'It is now your turn.'


'NO!' Kreia screams. 'The Exile is MINE to deal with! I have made sure of it! I will not let you ruin everything I have worked for, Kun!'


Yes....Nihilus bursts into cruel laughter, reaches up and removes his mask...to reveal complete blackness behind. His shape is formless.


'Now you understand...why the Force obeys my every whim....why I feed upon it....I AM the Force.'


He tosses away his red lightsaber and instead fires out force lightning, frying Atton on the spot and knocking you back. Kreia howls again and dives down, catching Kun unawares and they both tumble over the edge into the core.


'Send the signal now, <Your name>' Bastila shouts. You press a button on a commlink, and Bao'dur picks it up, ordering his remote to blow the generator. Then you see the Hawk flying over to the Iridonian and his droid, picking them both off, before racing off to you and Bastila at the Core.


You just about make it out into Space before the planet blows. You now see a cutscene of the tattered remnants of your crew - HK-47 (if you repaired him) and T3 survived, they are the ones who piloted the Hawk to your rescue. G0-T0 has gone missing, so has Mandalore. The others, depending on whether they had survived or not, look tired and beaten up. Mira is tending to your own injuries. Bastila is with you.


'We must find Revan.....something tells me he will know how to heal the rupture in the Force that you inadvertantly created.....and he holds the key to the galaxy's future'. You then ask what happened to Nihilus and Kreia.


'Kreia is no more, of that I am certain. Nihilus is a spirit of his former self. He was eradicated at Malachor V when the Ravager was nearly destroyed, at the end oft he Mandalorian Wars. Like the spirit of Exar Kun, he cannot be destroyed...;


You then ask what happens next. 'I am afraid I cannot see what will happen...this is just one of the many mysteries of the Force, something you must find out for yourself. But do not worry....you will find all of the answers soon'.


The Hawk flies off towards a mysterious nebula in the Outer Rim....and the credits play.


If you chose Dark Side, it is as the above, however at the end, after Kreia falls over the edge with Kun, you can choose whether to slaughter your comrades or bend them to your will. And the final cutscene shows you, alone, in the ****pit of the Ebon Hawk, yellow eyes glowing, and a strange voice echoing....'Exile, I will have my revenge'....

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[spoilerS ALERT]


Dark side Ending for The Sith Lords

(Tried to fit into the TSL and KOTOR1 story as good as possible)


First a little bit of extra background for the existing Sith lords:


Darth Nihilus, the background

Darth Nihilus was just a normal man with Force capacity in the fleet of Saul Karath. One day, a Sith lord (Traya) picked up the man because she wanted to train him as a apprentice, behind Revans (her master, after a master/apprentice struggle without fatal consequences) back. Revan found out that Traya betrayed him/her however and exiled her, but Nihilus could stay behind in the fleet of Saul. Just before the battle of Telos Carth Onasi departed from the Sith fleet to stay with the Republic. Nihilus tried to convince him, but failed, giving him a boost of Dark Side hatred and anger. After flattening Telos, Nihilus departed with a ship from the fleet (the Ravenger) to the surface of Telos, to find the family Onasi (the wife and Dustil). In a bloody fight the mother of Dustil used a vibroblade to cut Nihilus in the face. No longer able to speak basic with his mouth and having to wear a mask to look reasonable without scaring even a mighty Sith to death, Nihilus gave Dustil to Uthar to train in Korriban. Nihilus had to flee from the Republic, Revan and Traya, who had herself a new apprentice.

Years later, Nihilus returns to Korriban, only to find it in ruins and learns that Dustil was taken back to the Light Side by Carth. After searching a lot of space, he hears rumors (spread by Traya) that Carth and Dustil are on Telos and heads there with his entire fleet for a last REVANGE


Darth Sion, the background

Picked after Nihilus betrayed Traya, Sion was a second choice, always reminded to that fact. Because of this his hatred to Darth Nihilus, the traitor, he tried to haunt him always, proving Traya that he is the better apprentice. During a search Malachor V in the Mandalorian Wars he found a place of strong Dark Side power. Not able to resist, he makes this power his own, resulting in a terrible change of his appearance. All bones broken, blinded and no longer part of the Force, but a Force-sucker he had all the power he wanted, against a painful price. Darth Traya left him for dead on Malachor as she feared he would suck away all her power, Revan tried to produce as many battleships in the Star Forge as possible and then left, knowing such a powerful dark side power concentration would quickly been sucked away by Sion. He/She was right, and after the destruction of the Forge by Sion he was all-powerful and couldn

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I think that once you become a Jedi or Sith, racial prejiducis kinda become moot. And Mandalore probably respects Brianna enough to ignore the fact that she is Echani. My whole idea was that, one my one, the Party gives their lives for their Lord, untill he alone faces Kreia. I just couldn't bring myself to kill HK-47, Mandalore and T3, and someone had to stay alive to train new force users.


I would like Nihilus to play more of a part, but he's simply an omnicidal shade, not much character development for him. Maybe there could have been more about who he was before he became a wound in the force. He was genuinely creepy, and


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Battlewookie, it seems you did not played KotOR. It's Saul Karrath, under the order of Malak who destroyed Telos. This was just after trying to convince Carth Onasi to join the Sith. Carth refused Saul Karrath's proposition then Karrath joined the Sith Fleet and attacked Telos.

And it's Revan himself who destroyed the Star Forge in case he were Light Sider. If not, no one knows what happened to the Star Forge. But I don't know why Sion would have destroyed a such convenient way to have a huge fleet so quickly, even if he's as clever as Malak.

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I stab Kreia through the heart again before she can go off on her three-hour future prediction storytelling, and then my whole party runs up to me and we all hug except for HK who stands back feeling somewhat awkward, and then we all go into the unknown regions to find Revan and then Revan bumps into us and she's like "hey, I finished off those True Sith, no need to leave everyone you love behind" and we're like, hey, cool, and she goes back and makes out with Carth and I make out with Atton and then there's another group hug and T3 asks something and we all laugh knowingly.


Coming soon to a mod near you.

I am following my fish.


A temporary home for stranded ML'ers

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And it's Revan himself who destroyed the Star Forge in case he were Light Sider. If not, no one knows what happened to the Star Forge. But I don't know why Sion would have destroyed a such convenient way to have a huge fleet so quickly, even if he's as clever as Malak.


Thats what I wondered - we know that DS Revan just turned his back on the Sith and left for the Outer Rim, most likely to try to rule the True Sith. So either he himself destroyed the Star Forge or left it behind, in which case Bastila, Carth, Canderous and the two droids would know about it (everyone else was killed). We know none of the party members in KOTOR2 knew about it, they seem dumbfounded still on how Malak and Revan got a fleet.

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Battlewookie, it seems you did not played KotOR. It's Saul Karrath, under the order of Malak who destroyed Telos. This was just after trying to convince Carth Onasi to join the Sith. Carth refused Saul Karrath's proposition then Karrath joined the Sith Fleet and attacked Telos.

And it's Revan himself who destroyed the Star Forge in case he were Light Sider. If not, no one knows what happened to the Star Forge. But I don't know why Sion would have destroyed a such convenient way to have a huge fleet so quickly, even if he's as clever as Malak.


A little type error in the name, so what. Yes, I did not say that Traya, or Nihilus or somebody else orderd Telos' attack. Just that Nihilus was with the Sith who did it. Saul failed to convince Carth, so Nihilus gave it a try, after failing, a good Force Memory Wipe did a good trick (KOTOR1, Carth not rememberd a thing about Nihilus recruting him). I took Revan as a Dark side Male (see the story beneath), and if he went DS you don't know what happened to it. This would be a good explanation why Revan didn't make more ships (always nice to have explanations for certain things happening in a sequel). And Sion hungered for power, and he didn't need a fleet anyway if he could suck away the live out of a living planet al by himself (power given by sucking the Star Forges dark energies), nor could be just wait for a fleet to build when alot of power was next to him, power he NEEDED after the Mandalorian accident, he couldn't even use the Star Force without sucking it empty, because of the Force Hole he was... and now for the story

EDIT: I wondered why you said: "Malak ordered to destroy Telos", but after re-reading my first post I read: "After flattening Telos", I meant to say (typo, because of being a not-english speaking person): "After Telos was flattened". Hopes this clears things up.


Dark side Ending for The Sith Lords

(Tried to fit into the TSL and KOTOR1 story as good as possible)


The actual story (starts after DS council meeting, Male Exile

After left for dead by Darth Traya/Kreia, you get up, heading to the exit of the enclave, finding yourself ambushed by the HK-51 droids the Exchange sended after you. Trying to convince them they are no longer needed, as the Exchange boss sended GO-TO to keep an eye out for you, they go rogue, mad they were disposed, and they would prove they could kill you, and then finish off GO-TO. After making more scrap, you leave the enclave to bump into HK-47, who tells you that through the signal of the HK-51 assasin droids he can find their factory. Heading back together for the Ebon Hawk, you see a 2 ships depart, one being of Kreia and the other one unknown for the time being.

Back in the Ebon Hawk you hear from Atton the Handmaiden went to Telos to ask Atris for help, as she was made to believe you were killed. You can try to convnce Atton to go after her but then HK-47 gets in and tells you the signal weakons again, and you have to head to the factory right away.

During the flight a cutscene appears where Traya

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You arrive at the Ravager and begin to plant the bombs. When it comes to the point where one of the bombs prematurely explode, Mandalore states that he alone will find the bomb and plant it himself, and you and Visas leave towards Nihilus, telling Mandalore to meet back at the Ebon Hawk when he's done. When you arrive at the entrance to the second level of the Ravager, a cutscene ensues. Mandalore finishes up the last bomb and begins to run back towards the Ebon Hawk, suddenly, he collapses to the floor, and looks up at Nihilus. Completely stunned by the force, he screams out, and the game returns to the Exile and Visas.


Upon entering the bridge, you're faced by a large number of Sith soldiers, whom the Exile quickly takes out using the force. The Exile and Visas go through one last door to see Nihilus staring at a figure, stapled onto the wall. An unhelmeted Canderous, glares back at Nihilus, barely. Using the force, Nihilus picks up a vibroblade from a set laying on a table, and throws it at Mandalore, piercing his arm. Nihilus picks up another one, but is stopped by the Exile and Visas. The Sith Lord merely glares at Visas and breaks her. As she collapses to the ground, the Exile will tell her to leave Nihilus to him, and have her help Mandalore, with some obvious Dark/Light choices.


If you're Light, Nihilus will simply try to drain you of your force, but fail, and take the damage instead, if you're Dark, both of you will try to drain each other, both failing, but Nihilus taking the damage. And so a fight ensues, and if you are victor, you walk over to him and kick him body, when it suddenly is lost to the force. You pick up his mask and wear it (if you're dark) or crush it (if you're light). Whatever you do, you'll suddenly be consumed by Nihilus' energies, and are revealed that Nihilus is the force that was taken from you. Either way, you overcome it, and become stronger with the force. Mandalore leaves to Dxun, and you and the rest of your cast leave to Malachor.


At Malachor, you are the only one you can see, and begin to make your journey to Trayus Academy. On the way, if you have Mira, the scene will move to Mira fighting Hanharr, and if Mira wins, she gets to speak with Darth Traya, who drains her of her life force and carries her away. If you had Hanharr, you'll temporarily meet up with him. As you leave, not one, but a swarm of those bigger beasts attacks. Hanharr decides to take them all at once, and sends you off on your way.


The scene cuts to Remote who is floating around, and looks down at Bao-dur's crushed body, and the hologram activates and you do Remote's little journey. Only, when it comes to G0-T0 vs Remote, HK-47 steps in, and Goto summons up his HK-50s, who turns on him and sides with 47, and they deactivate Goto. Remote stays there and HK-47 and his friends leave to aid the Exile. The scene switches to T3, who awakes on the crushed Ebon Hawk. As you go around and explore the ship, you notice that everyone except Bao-dur's corpse is gone. Suddenly, the Ebon Hawk falls down the pit, and you have a certain amount of unpaused time to fix up the Ebon Hawk, before you die. At the end, if you are successful, a scene ensues, showing the Ebon Hawk barely making it out, and heading towards the area below Trayus Academy.


You return to the Exile and go through to Trayus Academy, stopping up at a hill where you can see Hanharr (if you had him), surrounded by a good deal of the Greater Storm Beast carcasses, as he takes down the last two, dying with them. (this explains why if you had him, the Exile can't ask about him at the end) When you reach the academy, if you're male, you watch a cutscene where an insane Handmaiden attacks Visas, and while they're about to kill each other, Sion steps in, and the torturing ensues. If you're female, same thing, except with Atton and the Disciple. And Atton attacks first. You go on, fight Sion, who is standing next to the bodies of the two people he felt like torturing, you kill him. Help them up, and go towards Traya. You see Traya, have a discussion, and if you're male, Atton approaches you, and if you're female, Visas does.


You fight your corrupted ally and defeat them, bringing them back to focus. You then fight Traya, and after you defeat her, she collapses and is barely breathing. Suddenly, you hear a strange, yet familiar voice from behind. You turn and see Atris, with grey, dead skin, all dressed in black. She pulls out your old lightsaber, and claims that she's the true Darth Traya. You fight her, and defeat her, and you either kick her into the core, or she falls back into there, depending on whether you're dark or light. Then you and Kreia have some last few words (the basic dialogue of the endings, you don't know that Bao-dur is dead yet, neither does she) and she jumps/is kicked into the core, when suddenly, the Sith start to swarm in, but are suddenly shot down, one by one, as the Ebon Hawk rises. You, Visas, Atton, Disciple/Handmaiden, all get on the Ebon Hawk, as all of the remaining HK-50s jump out, led by HK-47, and you watch a scene of a bunch of evil assassin droids VS a bunch of evil assassin sith.


In the end, the HKs, more or less win, and they force their original onto the ship, against his orders. As the last remaining HKs and Sith fight, Remote sets off the Mass Shadow Generator. On the ship, Handmaiden/Disciple request to return to Telos/Dantooine, claiming that they will begin to train Jedi/Sith for the battles to come. You find Mira in the med bay, if you had her. Mira goes to Nar Shaddaa and meditates there. Atton and Visas insist on going with you, but you say "NEIN!" and Atton returns to traveling the galaxy, honing his newly gained force powers, and Visas returns to Katarr, to meditate on things. You, T3, and HK go off to the Outer Rim, but HK insists that they stop at a certain place. HK gets off and begins to build an army of HK-50s, at the factory, insisting that he'll use them to help you later on, but he has other plans. (Increasingly Happy Tone: World domination! Meatbags!) And so, you and T3 go off to the Outer Rim...


End Results of the Party:


Exile: Off to the Outer Rim with T3.

T3: Off to the Outer Rim with the Exile.

Kreia: Dead!

Atton: Traveling the galaxy, again, only this time, honing his force powers that he gained from you.

Bao-dur: :o Dead.

Remote: Boom! With Malachor.

Bryanna Handmaiden: At Telos academy, to either (A) Murder her sisters and start up a school for the Sith or (B) Use t3h force to trick her sisters into allowing the school to become an ACTUAL school for Jedi.

Disciple: Rebuilding the Jedi Enclave at Dantooine, and tainting it/healing it with the force.

Mira: Back at Nar Shaddaa, honing her mad Jedi skillz, to make money more easily.

Hanharr: Deadz0rrz.

HK-47: At the HK factory, building an army to aid Revan and the Exile, as well as for more, personal uses.

Goto: Deactivated by HKs, then blown apart with Malachor.

Mandalore: Back and Dxun, licking his wounds and preparing the Mandalorians for the battles to come, ready to aid Revan/the Exile.

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And it's Revan himself who destroyed the Star Forge in case he were Light Sider. If not, no one knows what happened to the Star Forge. But I don't know why Sion would have destroyed a such convenient way to have a huge fleet so quickly, even if he's as clever as Malak.


Thats what I wondered - we know that DS Revan just turned his back on the Sith and left for the Outer Rim, most likely to try to rule the True Sith. So either he himself destroyed the Star Forge or left it behind, in which case Bastila, Carth, Canderous and the two droids would know about it (everyone else was killed). We know none of the party members in KOTOR2 knew about it, they seem dumbfounded still on how Malak and Revan got a fleet.


if you go Revan DS you can blow up a door in the Sith acadamy where it is explained what happened to the Star Forge .. by a familiar person.. ;)

Fortune favors the bald.

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I'll just say what happens after you kill Darth Traya.


Okay, she falls to the floor without her long predictions of the future. She just tells you about Revan and such and then dies. So nice. Anyways, after that here comes in some random Republic soldiers and some random lieteunant, telling you that some Republic ship is awaiting you because Disciple (proving he has some purpose/use) sent a message that you were going to Malachor V and that you may need assistance. Once you leave Malachor V, after inquiring about your allies, (they are safe on the Republic vessel), the planet blows up and you wake up in some quarters, clothed. ^_^. Then, you get up, and in walks Adrimal Onasi/Cenn? (or which ever one is the Adrimal if you have a DS Female Revan) and you converse about Malachor's happenigns, etc. He then leaves after telling Exhile about the choice they will have to make (leave everything and everyone behind and find Revan or stay put). You then go into a mess hall and your allies congratulate you and you converse with them, asking them what they will do now. You get romance options., too. ;)



+ Visas: Instead of returning to her homeworld and just sitting there (wasn't it destroyed from the face of the galaxy?!), she'll go around space, training Jedi as Exile trained her.

- Or romance if Exile is male.

+ Bao-Dur: Has some bigwig tech position in the Republic because of his skill.

+ G0-T0: Is throw off Republic vessel because of his annoying aspects. :ermm:"

+ Mira: Goes back to Nar Shadda to try to organize the government more.

- Or romance if Exile is male.

+ Mandalore: Successfully reunites the Mandalorian clans after many years. Dies before he can start conquering any worlds. The soldiers start a civil war and it ends sixteen years after it started.

+ Disciple: Goes on to be on some sort of Council of History. He immerses himself in books and grows old and becoems a gentle old man who tells little children stories on Onderon.

+ HK-47: Goes on a "one-droid-mission" to wipe the HK factory from the face of the galaxy. He is successful and roams about, obeying Masters of some kind.

+ T3-M4: Becomes a personal assistance droid, but more of an honored friend, to Bao-Dur.

+ Atton: After his expirence with Exhile (obvious romance if Exhile is female), he will want to travel with Exhile. But, after having to be left behind, he will stay behind and help the Handmaidens on the Telos Academy become Jedi Knights and help more Force Sensitiives become a Jedi.

- Romance if Exhile is female.

+ Exhile: The Exhile, doesn't matter gender-wise, will leave on a small, one-person ship to the areas where Revan went armed with the Force, a few lightsabers, some food, robes, and picture of their love. :D



KotOR II: After the Credits Rolled: Read

Force Sight: Read


Gaming Blog: Read

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