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So where is Vima Sunrider during the Kotor story?

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It was not.


I am very cynic over KotOR storylines since they make enoug references to those comics character to give the idea they actually know who they are and then pretty much ignore the same comics.


As for Vima ... let me put this way, she was in the Tales of the Jedi comics that show a much diferent Jedi Order (not the prequels knock-off Jedi Order) and would simply not work in KotOR.



How so? I have read those comics (well, I own them all...), and I think both KotOR games have done a pretty good job of acknowledging their existence. I mean, the KotOR games were built on the success of those comic-books and used them as the foundation. I don't see where they show any disrespect. I mean, they called the games 'Knights of the Old Republic', which was the title given to the collected paperback version of the "Ulic Qel-Droma and the Beast Wars of Onderon" and "Saga of Nomi Sundrider" in the five original issues of Tales of the Jedi.


And how was the Jedi order different? Yes, there were some differences, but it was obvious that it would change some, given that Ossus was pretty much destroyed and the original order shattered at the end of the Sith War saga.


I actually think we could make a better case of voicing disrespect of the original where starships are concerned, as they all look far more futuristic in the KotOR games (where they don't look too dissimilar to the starships of the movies some 4000 years later) than they did in the Tales of the Jedi comics, where the ships really did have an archaic feel to them.

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