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I see the PC version has not improved.

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Haven't been on this forum in a long time. I originally bought KOTOR II for the XBOX and it wouldn't load. After trying all the suggestions and nothing working, I sold my copy back to Gamestop. I came here to see if the PC version was any better, and it seems like there are more support posts for the PC version than the XBOX version. Plus, I don't see any dev's posting in the PC support forum, like they did in the XBOX forum. Anybody have any luck with a pirated copy of this game?

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The game is buggy, yes. But the quality of the story and the actual game play is wonderful. Obsidian worked hard on this game, and they're working on a patch now. Give them a chance to fix their mistake before casting blame their way. Lucasarts forced the game out before it was done for a holiday release.


If we never get a proper patch, I'll raise a torch and pitchfork with the rest, but until then we should have a little patience and a little faith.

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Pirated copy :o  :o


How does u suppose it will work, as it should when we have prob with original copy?



I don't expext the pirated copy to work, just wondering if anybody used one, better buggy and free than buggy and paid for.


>_< heh, the pirated copy i downloaded works better than the one i bought at best buy, ha... how disgusting is that?

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In usual cases I'm really against piracy, especially when it comes to RPG's since I have quite a lot of respect for the prominent RPG houses. However, when it comes to KotORII I really wish I had downloaded this game instead of buying it. Why? Simply because it's a grossly unfinished product. In all my days of gaming I've never been let down by a game this much. It's probably because I had some expecations on KotORII to begin with, however.


It has nothing to do with money for me really. It's principles.

"When the foul sore of envy corrupts the vanquished heart, the very exterior itself shows how forcibly the mind is urged by madness. For paleness seizes the complexion, the eyes are weighed down, the spirit is inflamed, while the limbs are chilled, there is frenzy in the heart, there is gnashing with the teeth."

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