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From the Mandalorean wars to TSL *BIG SPOILERS*


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For fun i speculated a bit about what could happened before the jedi civil war and to put togather a possible story, in ths version i assume that Kreia is interested in the fate of the galaxy (and don't want to rule it herself :blink:), she is pictured mostly as true neutral, so not as an evil sith lord.


The post is quite long and my english is quite crappy, so i apologize from the beginning for some confusion, the errors and a bad style.


The last part in TSL is not developed, i put in it just the essential things.




Mandalorean where manipuladted by real sith and the war started.


Their plan is to weaken the republic but also to break the jedi order, they know that jedis will be forced to enter in the war to save the republic and they know that the corruption of the war will lure them to the dark side.



at that time Kreia was probably alredy a sith, she knows that the jedi code is not sufficent to explain the force and searched her answers in the sith knowledge.

Her teaching reflected her hunger for the knowledge and her disbelief for the code and all of the ones that where her apprentices where eager to fight the mandalorean menace with Revan, her best apprentice, as leader.


The jedi joined the republic fleet and Kreia was questioned by the council who discovered that she felt to the dark side and exiled her.


Kreia traveled in the various planets, like Korriban, that where under the "sith influence", planet after planet her knowledge grew, until she stopped on Malachor V to rebuild the sith academy.


The republic fleet, helped by the jedi began to repel the mandaloreans, but battle after battle the dark side grew stronger in them.


Mandaloreans and Republic fought in the last battle, it was terrible both armies had many casualities and at the critical point the DMG was activated, the death where so many and terribles that the academy began to feed from them spreading dark energies of corruptions. All the jedis where invested by this energy... the corruption, the scream of the people being killed or suffering... all the jedi present where not able to resist, that power was to terrible they had to embrace it or to perish...


The exile was invested by this power too, probably even more than most of the jedis, due to the strong bounds he had with his comrades, the power was screaming inside him and he had 2 choices, to die as jedi or to suffer the corruption and to become a sith... He tried to resist but had not the strenght the fear of the death, the fear of that corruption... and here that to survive he was uncounsciosly chose to recide his bound with the force.


I think we must consider how important the force is for a jedi, in the game many times is said say that a man whitout the force is gimped, the force sustain the jedi, he see, hear, perceive the galaxy with it, he feel to be complete with the force.


Considering that i don't think is too strange that jedis on malachor V that tried to resist to that corruption prefer to die instead to leave the force.


Is it also possible that the Exile was uncounsciosly trying to estabilish bounds with most of the creatures around him, to try to face the corruption and the screams inside him.


When the Exile recided the bound with the force here that an hole in the force was formed, that hole, who is the exile himself, absorbed the essence of the ones bounded with him... most of them died but 2 survived (possibly 3 considering Kreia)


Sion was a in a ship that crashed on Malachor, his body was destroyed, but due to his pain and hate, fuelled by the dark side, he was able to survive bot to the death and the drains.


Nihilus was a jedi at malachor too, his link witht he exile was probably very strong, when his essence was drained he was instinctively able to drain the ones around him and so to survive.


I suspect that even kreia was touched by the hole, i think she is one of the echoes and she knows the draining technique. Also this could have been happened when Nihilus drained her.


The battle ended with the republic victory, but what happened converted all jedi to the dark side.


Revan due to his will was still able to "control" himself, i joined the war to save the republic, and i think that the republic was his main tought even now, even if the dark side was alredy inside him.


He met Kreia, his former master, on Malachor, Revan had sunspect that there where something else behind this was, and Kreia confirmed his fear.


Kreia in fact knew of the "real siths", she told Revan that there is a sith empire in the darkness of the space and that they are preparing for a war against the republic and the galaxy itself.


They saw these sith as a gread menace, the republic is weak now, the jedi order unsure and divided, a strong leaderhip was needed to resist to these sith and here that they plan to attack the republic itself to bring a new order, able to battle these new enemies.


Kreia revelas to Revan the existence of the star forge, she knew of its existance and probably saw also the starmap on korriban...


Revan find the starforg and build a strong army, he is easilly winning but here that Malak, his apprentice, betray him, revan lose his memory and the plan seem ruined.


He kill Malak and slowly some of his lost memories emerge from his past, he remember of the real sith menace, of Kreia and he go to Trayus academy to meet his former master.


They speak about the sith and Revan now know that is time for action... he return to his friend, tell them to prepare for a terrible battle and then with T3 and the ebon hawk go in the unknow space.

Reached his enemies he tells to T3 to go back with the hawk and to find other jedis or sith to help him in his battle, and to bring them there.


During the jedi war Kreia power grew even more, she was touched by the hole but not enought to drain her powers, she saw the Exile recide his bounding witht he force and she know what he is now.


Kreia was always in search of knowledge, she want to comprehend the force and the galaxy, she know that both the jedis and the sith have not the answers she is searching.

What is looking for is between them, is the knowledge of the opposite, the sith code is incomplete as the jedi one, and only in their contrast is the truth.

She see how the force is ruling the galaxy, how it manipulate people, how it prepare the destiny of everyone, but she saw that a man was able to break his bounds, she see that man as a possible instrument to free the humanity from the force, and to bring the truth, but that man have not accepted his destiny, he fled from himself and also now the real sith menace is the priority.


She studied the hole in the force, and how it generated echoes like him, she take the 2 survivors of Malachor as apprentices, teaching them the way of the dark side.


T3 remember Kreia from the time Revan met her on Malachor, it return there, and "tell" her what Revan have done.

Kreia decide to help Revan, she plan to send the most talented sith in her academy and her 2 disciple to help Revan, she know how powerfull is the draining technique and she is sure it will be a great help for her former pupil.


Here that Sion and Nihilus don't want to obey to Traya's will, they attack her, with Nihilus draining her from her power.

She is wounded in the force, weak, but now she can understand even better how is the galaxy whitout the veil caused by the force, but still she is not able to live whitout it.

Due to his knowledge and the drain technique she escape from his former apprentices with the ebon hawk, she she is no more a sith, nor a jedi, now she a wound in the force herself, an echo of the hole in the force becoming even more powerfull than she was before.


The 2 betrayer begin to hunt the jedi.

Nihilus slowly lose his will, the dark side is guiding him from his passion, from his eternal hunger that can't be satisfied, He destroy most of the jedi, draining their essence and consuming them.

He become a force of desctruction, driven only by his instinct and his hunger.


Kreia see what is happening, Nihilus is out of any control, his hunger have no end, that seem to be the fate of the echoes, to consume evrything around them, until nothing is left by their hunger.

Nihilus and the other echoes have to be stopped, but no one can face them, no one exept the exile.


After many searchs she find the Exile, but he is not the man she tought, he is hiding from the galaxy and from himself, unable to see, to hear, fought between his memories about the war and his loss.


She decides to take him as his apprentice, to enlight him to make him strong, to stop the echoes that he generated and to know what he really is: an example for the others that will come, a man that can realize himself because is a true man and not a puppet in the hands of the force.


the Exile, under Kreia guide begin to know himself, to accept what he have done, to resolve his past, to grew in knowledge and power and to be an example to the ones that will come.

He fight and destroy all the echoes the he generated, saving the galaxy from their hunger, he teach the way of the force to some of his companions, that will build a new jedi (or sith?) order.

And at last, when he discover of the sith menace he decide to go to the unknow space to help Revan in his war.




that's all, sorry again for my crap english, i think that it can fit and explain a bit what could have happened, but all is just speculation, (i had even another "version" with a very evil Kreia and it makes a lot of sense too :p)

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She likely had her mysterious and twisted teachings before her fall to the Dark Side, most likely. We know that Revan did speak to her last before falling. She probably didn't mean for her methods to cause him to fall, she likely just thought she was right.

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Yes there were a big one: Revan almost wiped the republic out...


but he also saved it, also still no reason to exile Kreia, i think that every master had an apprentice or 2 turned to dark side, Zendar(?) was a master of Raven too, but was not exiled.


even if revan was DS it doesn't make sense that they exiled Kreia for that reason or they had to exile all the jedi order.

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She taught Revan while still a Jedi. But her teachings were not in keeping with the views of the order.


It seems likely that they did something pretty bad to her. When you talk to the masters they say that they have only cut one person off from the force. That person is likely to be Kreia.


Which is perhaps why she sought out the Traya academy as an historian she would have likely known about it. And why Reven returned to her there and drew the Jedi there to convert them. I doubt she would have given Malak the time of day.


Kreia is using you to get back at all those people who betrayed her, the Jedi masters and her former allies. But ultimately she is not happy about the "destiny" the force imposed her and she wants it dead too and you are the only instrument capable of that.

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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I thought cutting someones power was a reference to Revan?


Anyway, Kreia was proud of Revan and happy that he/she only sought guidance from Kreia in the end. She was happy that Revan defeated the Mandalorians, and when I asked 'But why do you think he fell to the Dark side?" "Fell? What if he was just doing what he wanted to? There's no fall in that, just freedom."

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I thought cutting someones power was a reference to Revan?


Anyway, Kreia was proud of Revan and happy that he/she only sought guidance from Kreia in the end. She was happy that Revan defeated the Mandalorians, and when I asked 'But why do you think he fell to the Dark side?" "Fell? What if he was just doing what he wanted to? There's no fall in that, just freedom."


It's possible though it is a different Jedi council and Kreia really seems to hate them. I dont know if cutting off their connection to the force is the same as wiping their identity. If Revan had amesia he could still have the force inside, but not the knowledge to draw on it.


It all depends on your point of view..


If you examine Revans insight and conclude that he saw the danger of the Sith empire and also saw that a fractuous Rebublic would not be able to withstand it , then "falling" may have been the only course of action that would save the Galaxy.


Malak just wanted to destroy things but Revans plans had much more depth to them.One of the lessons Kreia is always trying to push home is that a good act dosnt always lead to a good conclusion and that murdering people for no reason isnt something to be proud of.

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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I think too that Revan was not cut from the force.


he have his visions (even if they can be just dreams of his past) and more important Bastila can sense the force in him.


I think Revan was just "reprogrammed", hoping he will lead the jedi to the starforge, his absence of force pwer seem to be cause by the fact that he don't remember anymore how to use and feel it.


Even Luke for example, even if he is very powerfull in the force, don't know about his potential until he met Ben and start his training.

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