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Converasation Trees


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I shouldn't probably ask this, but after reading another thread it's said that you have to follow a very VERY specific line of conversation trees to get Handmaiden to become a Jedi, so I was wondering...


Is there anywhere, either online or in the Prima guide, with all the 'right' conversation trees for turning party members into Jedi?

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And on that note, I have no damned idea how to influence Mira to become a Jedi. *grumble* I've gone through all ehr convo threads, given every response I can... *sigh*


I got it to work once, didn't have enough influence, but now that I /think/ I do, I can't get it.

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You can influence Mira just by the tree to get her to the point where she can eb a jedi... once she agrees to let you show her Nar Shadda you take her to the point in front of the entrance to the sector with the bar and pazaak den and you teach her how to feel the planet as Kreia taught you...


also try www.gamebanshee.com their KOTOR2 section has a complete walk through

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