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Otherwise how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

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With all the negativity about the bugs and the story turning to mush near the end, there were positives in the game.


I liked how they handled the introduction of influence in the game. Granted I'm not much of a gamer, so I don't know how often this kind of thing happens, but I loved that influence wasn't just a new gameplay element but part of the story.


I liked some of the little touches of characters and stories from the last game, like Bindo's Band and another mention of Jolee when a discussion of past Jedi took place, and Freyyr's Warblade (Zalbaar's papa, but strange that Big Z never got a mention (and the one that upset me the most, no mention of Mission)). It was great to see Carth play such a huge role (as an LS female with an LS female Revan, so I don't know if they replace him with someone else, just started a DS game), and the visions of Bastila and Revan were handled nicely.


Speaking of referencing the last game, Dantooine was done nicely as a planet recovering from what happened.


The new upgrade system. I love it. Talk about customizing a kick-butt lightsaber. Or heck, it looks like someone could go through the game using nothing but ranged weapons for the PC if they really want to.


T3 with personality. Again, it makes sense because they've established that the longer a droid goes without a memory wipe, the more quirky its personality gets. When we met him on Taris he's still pretty new, and now this is five years later with apparently no memory wipe. Not only is it character developement, for everyone who disliked him in KOTOR, well, that explains why he was a little bland.


Fast travel on Telos. Any more sequels with hopefully bigger worlds, I'd like to see this again.



Note on the title: I know that's not the exact phrase, but I had limited character space. :blink:

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Too much to list off the top of my head, and I need to be heading to sleep anyway, so a couple notes:

- Korriban. Sure, it was a little creepy in the first game, but it was downright scary in this one. Obsidian did a great job making the place feel like, essentially, a Sith ghost town. Seeing the Jedi Master lying on the floor of the interrogation room, dead and bleeding, is quite a shock.

- Moral ambiguity. I've mentioned this in numerous threads, but I can't get over how great a job the storywriters did with it. At several points in the game, I was honestly unsure what was the "right thing" to do. Moral dilemmas in the original game generally involved a choice between a clearly good act and a large sum of credits that you didn't really need. Also Kreia's ethic of growth through struggle was a far better challenge to the Jedi belief in helping the weak than anything I saw in the first game.

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I really liked the story, and expecially how the Exile is handled and how Kreia (awesome char) enlight him.


I liked the idea of a "dominating force" that subdue humanity "promising" power but controlling the fates and how the exile, that was just a mediocre knight have the strenght and the will to abandon that power to become a Man.


I think is really subtle, and many OT considerations can be done about that...




(aaaaa i'm a Mission fan too :lol: that sharp tongue blue Twi'lek :cool:)

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The influence system for me made the party members actually come alive. Most games, your party are a group of yes men(or women), with the influence system you have to think it through to get them to come around to your way of thinking. It gives the game a lot more immersion quality. Although, I'd like to see some modified responses after you've turned someone. On Onderron, Visas still wants to kill everyone in the cantina with a grenade despite the fact that I've turned her to the lightside. But that was probably more due to the rush factor than any inherent system fault.


I'll probably get flamed for this, but I actually liked the combat difficulty level. This is a Role Playing game first and foremost, not an arcade style first person shooter. I want to see combat sure, but I don't want to have to replay through battles several times before I can continue with the story. If I wanted that, I'd play Warrior Within or Bloodrayne, and I do when thats what I'm looking for... Besides, theres plenty difficulty if you don't know whats coming when your party travels without the main character.


Another plus, traveling without the main character. When was the last time you played a game where your party had to rescue the main character? Its these little bits that, for me anyway, make this a great game.


Also, I didn't really mind the end either, yes, there is a lot unanswered, but I get the feeling they have no doubt about doing a K3, so I just figure I'll wait.


Almost forgot! The breakdown/create item workbench. Didn't use that much the first time, but the second time through I found out a lot more about it. Another excellent idea. Next time though, maybe Boa Dur will actually help me so I can use his skills to do that stuff. He's gotta get off that coffee break and start doing something if he ever wants me to pay him.

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I liked the idea of a "dominating force" that subdue humanity "promising" power but controlling the fates and how the exile, that was just a mediocre knight have the strenght and the will to abandon that power to become a Man.


It was a fresh perspective on the concept of the Force in the Star Wars universe, and it's fresh perspectives that keep a thing from becoming stagnant - especially in the matter of philosophy, and that is what the whole Jedi/Sith thing is about.


As for me - this is the only game I've ever played involving Jedi in Star Wars where the concept of what a Jedi is was ever fully explored properly.


Jedi Knight - finds a lightsaber in a garage, gains power with no training

Jedi Outcast - cool 'retraining' level, but that's it

Jedi Academy - Jedi Outcast without the retraining level

KOTOR 1: too black and white to be able to go into details


The little cut-sequences, with Kreia teaching the Exile various force techniques, really brought the whole 'Jedi' thing to life - useful, characterful powers like Breath Control, references to Jedi healing trances, all the mystical details, helped integrate the plot and the the computer game mechanics sides of things. Coupled with the various moral decisions you're left to make to determine a Jedi's path, and this game was the first to really tackle the 'realities' of what a Jedi is in my opinion.


I'm a big fan of the expanded universe's Thrawn trilogy, and the meditative, thoughtful way the Force is dealt with in those books - which Kotor 2 consciously or unconscously emulates - is far more satisfying to me than the way that the Force tends to be seen as just a collection of 'Force Powers'.

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- Skills. They did a great job in making skills meaningful and necessary in this game, while they were almost worthless in the first. INT was a wasted attribute in the first game; in KOTOR2 it is crucial.

-NPCs. Nice overall.

-Cool upgrades

-Nice feats, force powers.


I am enjoying it more than KOTOR1, but definitely dreading the unfinished ending.

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A couple of other things...


I noticed this the first time I played through, but in one of the apartments on Telos someone actually got peeved you were stealing your stuff. It wasn't like Morrowind where you have to be careful not to be seen all the time, which is good, I don't want that, but just to have the one guy notice was a nice little touch.


Now that I'm playing DS, they are doing something that did kinda bother me in the first KOTOR when I played that way... Having someone question why the heck they are helping in the slaughter of people who didn't do anything to us. While Atton is aligned with the Dark Side now, I'm enjoying seeing him question why he's doing it. It's keeping me on my toes choosing the right conversation choices.

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