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My First Impressions

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I will try to state my impressions after Peragus and Telos.


1. Engine. I have NForce2 and FX 5700 and have some glitches only when switching to/from movies/cutscenes (start without sound, broken dialogs after movies), but reloading/restarting the game solves the problem. This happened just 4-5 times. In K1 I had no such glitches.


Collision detection is working fine, absolutely no "wall crossings" or other similar issues. Save game is 2 seconds, reload game is 4 seconds - yep!


In general, it is running very smoothly.


2. AI. Combat AI is improved, especially with stationary mode. The path finding of NPC is the same as in K1 - they are lost from time to time, but this is not a killing issue.


3. Graphics and level design. The quality of textures definitely is not for 2005 game. I think in K1 textures were higher quality. But character faces are cool.


The levels are well designed as geometry, but the furniture is missing - is your home/offie/warehouse so empty?? This is a big design error, may be due to lack of time. The feeling is not like Star Wars, but like Quake 2 - big empty halls. Terrible.


4. Story. May be this is the most discussed issue on the forum. My oppinion is that the story is great, BUT not easy to understand and follow - requires a lot of carefull dialog selection and thinking. This is not a kiddish "save the world" story, but much more complicated. Saving the world here is a side effect.


Some users say in K1 you know what you do, but in K2 you don't. Its not true - I think it is quite obvious what you do -

search for the 4 Jedies in order to understand what is behind your trial. The actual story inception is on Ebon Hawk when reviewing the records from Atris academy.



May be drawback of the story for some users is that in order to understand it, you should choose the proper dialog options.


5. Summary. Compared with K1: better story and NPCs, same gameplay and sound, worse level design.

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