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Character Build Questions


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Lightside Sentinel/Watchman with focus on Skills, Strength, and Force Ability through WIS/CHA.


1. SKILLS QUESTIONS What skill rank is the maximum necessary for each skill? In other words, what is the minimum rank I can put into each skill to get the most out of it. I am sure you do not need 30 ranks to get the most benefit in the game.


Repair I read that 20 total (repair ranks and INT modifier) is all that is needed for breaking down items with total efficiency. Do I need to go higher here for other reasons?

Demolitions 10 or higher?

Security 20 will open everything?

Awareness 20 or lower?

Computer Use How high is necessary?

Stealth Taking watchman and want the most out of this, so at what should I max this?


2. STATS I think I want the following:


CON to 18 for implants (using bonus points or LS mastery con bonus?)

INT at whatever start required to get the skills I need in question 1 (start 16?)


After those, I want to focus on STR and WIS with items and bonus points to get them as high as possible. I would also like CHA to be at a decent level.


What do I start with to meet these goals and what end game item based STR and WIS can I expect (and to a lesser extent CHA)?


3. POINTS/ITEMS How many bonus points can you allocate to stats during the game?


I know I get a +1 WIS (T3), +1 CON/+1 WIS from Hanharr. Then by 20, I have 5 points to distribute as well.


Then there is the LS Mastery Sentinel (+3 CON) and Watchman (+3 CON) is the same? Is that cumulative and does that mean I only need a 12 starting CON to get 18 for implants?


Thank you!

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2. STATS I think I want the following:


CON to 18 for implants (using bonus points or LS mastery con bonus?)

INT at whatever start required to get the skills I need in question 1 (start 16?)


Then there is the LS Mastery Sentinel (+3 CON) and Watchman (+3 CON) is the same? Is that cumulative and does that mean I only need a 12 starting CON to get 18 for implants?


Thank you!

Implants go from your base con and doesn't include midifiers... atleast as far as I could tell in the Xbox version. I had my con upto something like 25 with all the bonus's from various equipment and I still couldn't use a D-package until I went up to 18 con on the atribute level up screen. I am not sure about the rest of our post, I normally set everything except Dex to 14 (leaving dex at 8 for the entire game).... I think its 14 I set everything to anyway andI don't have any problem with the game, though after character creation I tend to stick with bringing up my con and str and forget about the rest.

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I played a scout. The fights in the first 30 min were obscenely easy if you use tactics. (Ie: don't charge into the middle , draw a few out, kill them, rest, draw a ew more out).


Killed him. Ignored the warnings against Consular's being hard. Made the following.


Str 10

Dex 10

Int 16

Con 12

Wis 14

Cha 14


5 skills he can keeped maxed out.




I chose the feeat that turns stealth from cross class to full class at level 2, and computer's to full class the next feat. (after that I'm working up duel weilding)





Persuasion (you gotta take it, you're the only one who can talk !)



Repair ( this got abandonned later on)




Stun Droid

Stun non-Droid

Energy Resistance

*heal (earliest opportunity)


Stun Droid was cool. I turned level 2 in the middle of the fight , leveled up , turned, and blasted the last droid. The Mark II Mining Droids routinely resisted it though , and I wound up instead using energy resist.


Energy resistance is cool . It acts like those energy shields you keep finding ? Only it's a force power so you essentially have an unlimited supply of them and can sell off your extra's. Just give everyone in the party one or two for emergancies and sell the rest.




In the beginning , soloing the droids....

Run forward, hack one or two , kill one, retreat around a corner or out of sight, go stealth and rest. There's always one or two who follow you , but they're blind and can't penetrte your stealth (stealth seems to automaticaly work in the beginning area's) Rest up , repeat as required.


Later on by level 6-7 you got a party , 8-9 force powers , a good supply of equipment and armor and stuff, hard parts over.

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Excellent Questions and EXACTLY the same ones I was asking a week ago when the game came out....let's just say I couldn't wait to play!


The good news is that I have some answers for you. I can give opinions on others. Here's my two cents:


Attributes--In most cases where checks are being made concerning the ability to equip an item...say an implant for example...K2 requires that you have the points in the attribute and not have the attribute boosted by item, force mastery or force power. Example: Placing an attribute points into CON to reach 18--good, Getting CON to 18 via items, force mastery or force powers--bad. The max CON you need to equip any implant in the game is 18. I usually start the game with 14 CON and add 4 attribute points from the Level ups so that by the time I'm level 24, I have a CON of 18. This allows for attribute boosts by party members, depending on whether one plays as a bad, good or neutral party, etc. INT is very important as you've summized if you want to be a skillful player. I started with an INT of 16 and added 2 more during my Level 4 & Level 8 attribute increase. This gave me an extra skill point to use during level ups--- +4 vs +3, etc.


In case you are interested, I played as a Jedi Sentinal/Jedi Weapon Master. This allowed me to be skillful, while fighting melee with sabers. It also gave me excellent bonus feats. My STR started at 12 with my DEX at 10, but I boosted STR once past Level 24. This only works using the EXP bug on Korriban or other EXP bugs as I desired to reach Level 50 so as to max out this build.


My starting stats were:


STR 12

DEX 10

CON 14

INT 16

WIS 12

CHR 12


I found that this got me through the game. DEX was low, but I seemed to get hit reguardless of my Defense and I think Defense may be a bit buggy in the game as to how its calculated. I didn't want to take Finese as a feat...etc. The more I looked at a DEX based Jedi, the less I liked it. If you take this character to Level 50, you'll have 20 STR outright, so with item, etc that was strong enough. DEX also get boosted with item, but again with bugs I didn't really notice much. I did not play as a stealthy character, so I can't answer that part. Also, WIS and CHR were a bit low as a force user, but I found that using force power that either buffed (easy as a light sider) or granted damage even if resisted worked well. Force Storm was one of the best, even light-side. It just does so much damage, especially when you are at a higher character level.


Skills--Like yourself, I wanted an independent character that can "do it all." Your character's TREAT INJURY and REPAIR are used when breaking down items reguardless of who does it and Level 20 does break down all items at the 100% level. The only reason for a higher than 20 skill level is to make items personally.

I found that Level 20 security open everything and that Level 12 Demolition let me defuse every mine, while Level 20 let me collect every mine. Again, going higher than 20 is simply to make stuff, as far as I can tell. I could see everything with Level 20 awareness. It is critcal to take a couple of feats that allow you to treat cross class skills as class skills and to do so EARLY. This will save you a lot of points. For me, I added only REPAIR, because when I went prestige, Demolition becomes a class skill. While I lost SECURITY & COMPUTERS & STEALTH, I had security and computers both at 15+ and didn't care about STEALTH, so it was just a matter of adding SECURITY and COMPUTERS as feats, which as a Weapon Master were no problem to add. Not a problem for you if you stay in Prestige class and just add DEMOLITION early when a Sentinal. I ended up saving 15 ranks so that when I went prestige, I could instantly add it to DEMOLITION and used Atton as a fill in until then.


As to character bonus attribute points:


If you go Level 50....then you get 12 attribute points to increase your stats with, plus whatever you can get from your party. T3/M4 gives 1 point to WIS if you help improve him. Hanharr you stated correctly. That's all the increases to attributes that I know of directly in K2.



As to Feats---I typically Mastered Two Weapon Fighting, Flurry, Toughness, Class Skills, Lightsaber, Conditioning, Dual Strike and any Weapon Master Fighting specializations, like Superior Weapon Focus: Two Weapon Fighting, etc. I generally have more feats than I really need, especially in the 40s.


As to Powers---I use Stun Droid line (Light & Dark)--it really make all droid easy to deal with, including the pesty HK's, so I make it an early priority to obtain. The Speed Line (Absolutely one of the best buffs) Get it early and love it. Cure Line (Light and Dark) again--allows you to ditch the medpacks. With Regen....I don't use it much, but its there, so force drain isn't an issue. Force Shock Line (Light & Dark) Multi Enemy killer--perhaps best in game, period. Spam 3-4 of these, ;Nuff said. Valor, Stun, Battle Meditation Lines (if Light). Horror, Choke, Drain Life Lines (if Dark) Pickem (if Neutral) Affect Mind (Light & Dark) Dominate Mind (Dark Only) its SO cool to Force Choke! Force Push Line (Light & Dark) Force Barrier, Force Resistance, Energy Resistance all good. Stay away from Aura---the Def on it is bug, so its just a + to saves.


Thats it.....hope it helps



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