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Experiensing the Most of the Game?

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I've played trough the first game and just bought this sequel. Now, what character choises I should I make if I want to experiense* the most of the game? How high inteligence, wisdom and charisma for most dialogue and story? Is the experience more full on dark side or light side? That sort of thing...





*I'm of course writing about player experiense, not experiense points that rise your character in level. ;)

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A would say a Sentinel with maxed INT, and the rest of the points in CHA and WIS would probably end up with the most dialogue options in general. A build like that should allow you to max most of your skills as well, which provides even more dialogue options.

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Visit the planets in the following order(After Telos): Nar Shaddaa, Onderon/Dxun, Dantooine, Korriban.


Have high persuade skill + dominate mind, charisma at atleast 12.


The game makes most sense playing LS, atleast the ending.

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