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Check out NWTactics!

PDL Northpal

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it's NWN, and it will most probably be NWN2 also!


NWTactics is a great PvP mod that favors team play and stays as true as possible to the D&D spirit : You are fighting for your Dragon Lord and must steal Gold from the enemy's team treasure chest. Started for Character level 12 the mod has now evolved and offer play for characters level 20. In NWtactics all the feats, skills and spells can be used in the mod with very creative solutions to balance them all. No power is forbidden, and balance has been brought to each builds thanks to the feedback of the players. More than anything, after three years of existence, the balance of the mod has been finely tuned to make all builds fun to play and competitive. Check out the Mod Highlight


Many game types are available: capture the gold for your Dragon Lords (a capture the flag with a twist), King of the Hill, Madness (name for the grand melees maps), the Cooperative Alamo (defend the fort against hordes of incoming monsters) and the four teams implentation (some maps offer the possibility to have four teams competing between each others, making the field that more dangerous) all are there in NWTactics. You can also easily create your own maps and put them in the mod to play with your friends. The mod is available for download at

NWtactics Web Page.


Exercise your character building skill in a mod where all characters have the same assets and only your tactics in game, and your skill at building a good D&D character will allow you to dominate the combat.


If you are interested to host a server, contact northpal@nwtactics.com, or find us in the Action Channel! Players rankings and statistics are available.


May your fight be fair and fun!

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