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Multiclass Issues

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On my last playthrough, I could not prestige class. Has this happened to anyone before or is this just some kind of random one time thing?

I've not had issues with this before, always was able to pick up a second class. This time I was playing as a DS Consular, I was sufficiently "in the red" as far as alignment goes, I was 15th lev, I had already picked up Visas... and nothing! As far as I recall, I fulfilled all the criteria for multiclassing. In any case, I was always able to do it in previous playthroughs, and I didn't do anything radically different this time. Still, Kreya refused to talk to me about prestige classes - it never came up as an option! I was pretty irked, because I'd picked up Freedon Nadd's blaster, and you have to be prestige classed to use it (and I'd worked hard on trying to make a blaster using Jedi as I'd never done it before and I thought it would be kind of a cool challenge).

Any suggestions, anyone? Is there a req I am missing?

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I had this one happen to me on my 8th play through as well ;)


What I had done wrong was I stayed lightside until I got Mira in group and then went darkside, but Since I was still raising Handmaiden influence i kept raising and lowering my alignment.


So figure I prolonged my change because the game coudnt track what I was actually going to prestige in so to speak.


Not really a bug, in my other games when I went straight lightside or darkside I had no issues what so ever.


So I guess the answer is (if your situation the same as mine) is pick a side and stay true to it.


I evenually did get my prestige class and finish my 8th game tho.

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I think you have to be a lot closer to the mastery of either side; ie. you have to closer to light/dark mastery as opposed to being in the middle. I always try to maximize my light/dark points when I get to Nar Shadaa (my second planet). I've usually achieved mastery and my prestige class during my raid on G0-T0's yacht.

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I've had this happen in my latest DS game when I decided to try and convert ALL the NPCs to Dark Jedi (which I did I might add). I had to get some Light Side points to get maxed out Bao Dur influence so when I hit 15 I wasn't quite Dark enough to prestige. I had to go out and be bad a bit without levelling in order to get my prestige class. You have to have about 90% to Dark/Light Mastery to prestige.

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