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Frank K

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Hey Frank. I didn't even know you were @ Obsidian. Anyway, I found out on nwvault.ign.com and decided that this is probably a place I'd be interested in considering lots of my favorite developers are working on another game I'm looking forward to. I'm really excited that Obsidian is doing NWN2. I don't think, I know you guys will put out a good game.


Why? Because Obsidian has quite a few devs that have worked on CRPGs, very successful ones, before, and Obsidian also has some people that are 'wet behind the ears.' With the knowledgable ones and the fresh minded ones, NWN2 is pretty much an instant success.


Good luck Frank, and the rest of the team.


P.S. Thanks for helping me out with the BGDA2 questions earlier this year. :hakthumbsup:

Stand Your Convictions and You Will Walk Alone.

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hey joe, chickenloversteve here. how've you been? it's always good to see another familar face (so to speak).


and mr. frankK...


i go away for a couple of weeks, and you're now lead programmer? i guess all that extra time you put in from working like an insomniac with OCD modding quake 2 to being forced to do the same (but being paid to do it) with DA2 has paid off. congratulations!

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