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Suggestions for KotOR III

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With the success of KotOR I and II there is no doubt that a KotOR III is in the making (a press release by lucasarts seems to confirm this) and seeing as Obsidian went on the KotOR I forums to get ideas for features to have in KotOR II (that is where the idea for jedi robes came from(I think)), I might as well make my own list of suggestions now before they get too far into KotOR III's developement.


Anyway I will go from most important to least important suggestions in my list.


1. KotOR III needs a new engine....KotOR II was lucky most sequal games that use the same engine as the last game dont do so well so I wouldn't press my luck and try to use the same engine for the 3rd game.


2. KotOR III needs several different models for hilts....rumor had it that this feature was going to be in KotOR II but that never happened....I specifically would like to see a hilt that resembles Count Dookus a.k.a. Darth Tyranus


3. Multiplayer....this is a highly controversial subject. I personally would like to see KotOR III have multiplayer because RPGs can be lots of fun online with these types of games like Diablo II or Dungeon Siege. Not to mention if they do make a new engine then now is the time to do it! However if Lucasarts really doesn't want any competition with Star Wars Galaxies and cares about the money more than they do about the fan then there is nothing I can except hope someone makes a KotOR Online Mod like they did with Vice City.


4. Different Animations for the different lightsaber forms....should have been in KotOR II but because it was on a time constraint I'll let it slide.


5. Simultaneous release of PC and XBOX (or XBOX 2 or any other console) versions.... Still quite pissed that this promised feature for KotOR II never came to be....and yes now I must call it a feature!!! Should have actually put this at #1 on this list but I will hope third times the charm.


6. Enhanced combat system and/or new combat system....KotOR combat system is awesome but I want to see it taken to a whole new level like perhaps seeing multienemy and/or multially fighting animations(preferably multinemy). Also I am a realism freak so making it as realistic (to the movies) as possible would also be nice.


7. soft of a given but more feats and powers is always nice though you dont need nearly as many as KotOR II added....however I have yet to see a telekinesis force power that allows you to throw objects at people.




So far that is about it though I probably should have made this list after playing KotOR II for the PC I just put in things I knew weren't in either games.


Make comments, add your own suggestions or whatever else you would like do with this topic, I will appoligize now if there was another recent post similar to this the last one I saw even related to this was a long time ao and most likely archieved or stopped by now.

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As for me, I have always noticed that Dark Side characters tend to have a different lightsaber ignition sound. If you look in the Star Wars visual dictionary books, you will see that this is because of a synthesized red crystal that gives the character's lightsaber a special "HISS" sound. You will notice that sound in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back when Luke turns on his saber and then Vader turns his on. Vader has a different sound. You will also notice this in Episode I and Episode II, how Darth Maul has a "HISSING" sound and how Count Dooku also has that sound.


I have always been fascinated by that and was hoping KotOR II would implement that but they didn't.

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