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ok, i have read all the things that tell how to make Mira a Jedi. my problem is i cannot get any influence with her to get her to go to nar shadaa to listen to the true nar shadaa. 2nd time to play through (yeah i know, i suck) help me someone, please?

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Try taking her out whenever you leave the Ebon Hawk, do actions that influence. Here is a part of Influence Guide by Boiler:


***** Mira *****

Mira is a bounty hunter who will join your party on Nar Shaddaa if you are playing a light side character. With the correct influence, you can gain further dialog options and train Mira as a Jedi.


Location: Onderon, Merchant Square

Description: A citizen will ask in your help in removing 3 guard captins from their posts. Mira will show interest in the bounty and will ask if you plan to take the job.

Effect: Influence is gained with Mira if you accept the job.


Location: Dynamic (?), Zhug Bounty Hunters

Description: When you run into the the Zhug Bounty Hunters, with Mira in your party, you will have the dialog option similar to "You'd better watch out because Mira's a real bounty hunter, unlike you scum".

Effect: Influence is gained with Mira if you select this option.

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Mira is easy to train and I was able to do so before leaving Nar Shaddaa. In fact as far as I can tell you HAVE to be on Nar Shaddaa to train her as a Jedi since there is a location Trigger involved.


You have to talk to her. She will get mad at you and you should leave the conversation. Return to it and apologize. This will give you an influence point with here.



Then talk to her about listening to Nar Shaddar.. You can then ask her if she wants you to teach her how to listen.. She will say something like "some day maybe I will"

Then you need to take her off the ship to the spot in front of the Cantina where Kreia taught your PC how to listen to Nar Shaddaa. A cut scene will kick in and you'll train Mira as a Jedi. With out taking her to this spot you can't train her. She will just continue to agree that some day she'll let you show her. this is the only spot I know of where you can show her.

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