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Atton is a murderer?

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Way to spoil something major, in a non-spoiler forum, and in the topic title no less. Hopefully a mod will notice this before people who didn't already know see it.


It's hardly major, considering it happens in the very early stages of the game and still leaves you with no answers. A spoiler yes... but a major one?? No. Some people act like it's the end of the world over little things. It's not like he spoiled the game by telling you Kreia is your mother... :)

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Well for one, I forgot that Kreia reveals it on Telos. I was thinking of it more as the payoff of his backstory, which would have been a big spoiler. Second, I already knew by the time I saw this thread, but I know that people who haven't played the game yet wouldn't want anything spoiled, so even little things matter.

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