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KOTOR2 re-call?

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After my two Nar Shadda mishaps I finally get a black screen when entering the Ebon Hawk to leave Telos.


If this game was a car it'd be re-called by now? I'm wondering what do you think the chances of LA doing something to compensate the thousands with screwed up games is?


yea same on Telos leaving on ebon hawk I had black screen glitch thaught it was because my party members wern't with me when they were spose to be I had passed it after restarting fresh from the begaining, and was able to go past the glitch with no proublems so far. Had made sure that my party members were with me this time when I boared the Hawk.


New Xbox Version 1.6 used CD from Hollywood Video no scratches when it happend then I took cd back pissed and couple days later got another cd that had scratches from the place and started fresh and no glitches yet.

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I think the only way the game would be recalled would be if it was actually proven without a shadow of a doubt that a "bad batch" of disks was produced. But since the problems seem to be different for everyone (or atleast not all uniform among those with problems), then it can't be attributed to a bad production of disks.

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I was really hoping for something as seeing as how so many people have possibly had one problem or another.



I am running on a very old X box but that just should not matter. Albeit it does.


The sad fact is unless there was an error in manufacturing, LucasArts has no reason to recall a product. Once they've shipped and sold the units, anything short of 100% of consumers returning the product would mean they lose money in a recall - and even if a majority of the consumers returned their copies the most LA would do is permit Obsidian to polish up the game and release a version 2, fully expecting most (if not all) of the consumers that returned the game will buy the new and improved version.


Besides, for all the complaining we do in here, we probably make up for less than one percent of total copies sold, so LA is more than content to ignore our pleas.

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