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What Would Kotor3 Be About

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i have tried to think of a good story, but i just dont know what kind of story can keep up with the others. Cause i dont think they can do it like the last 1;s. For example it would be pointless 4 them 2 make it so the Sith win cause then there would be no more jedi, and they can make the jedi win, cause then it would go back 2 the Jedi civil war. I dont know, Any ideas, cause no doubt new graphics will be involved, and i would think it would come out 4 the next xbox.

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~*~*~*~*~SPOILER ALERT~*~*~*~*~


The following post may contain undesired information of the KotOR II storyline, thus through this large alert at the begining of my post I make myself legally immune and resolve myself of *ALL* responsibility should any undesired effects or "spoilers" occur to the reader.


(dont make me write that again when I decide to post a SPOILER, someone be nice and tell meh how to do the black baring on my posts)















ehhrrmhrrmm..anyway, back to the poster's question...


Should there be a KotOR III, part of me would want it to deal with Revan and the Exile in the unknown space where they are combating the true Sith forces, but that seems a bit err impossible or improbable.


The Sith or Jedi could emerge victorious in KotOR III but that wouldnt mean the extinction of the other, the people may not but their teachings always survive..refer to Episode I when the few existing Sith are just re-emerging from an extended hibernation period..the battles between Sith and Jedi may be faught, but the war between them will never truly end.

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Sometimes I think about Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner, Natalie Portman...


Oh, and my girlfriend too.  I almost forgot her.


::waits to be smacked upside the head::


Ahem. *rather belatedly smacks TJ upside the head*


And I totally get first dibs on Jennifer Garner.

Proud purveyor, owner and operator of the Wonder Twins

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I've been way off topic all day long.


As far as KOTOR:3's story, I think it largely depends on who writes it. KOTOR:1 was very black and white. KOTOR:2 is a bit more philisophical. Very early on it is suggested in KOTOR:2 that the events of KOTOR:1 were a smoke-screen.


The story isn't necessarily a perfect logical progression. I don't think KOTOR:2 is what Bioware would have written, or had in mind.


Until we know who is making KOTOR:3, it will be quite difficult to figure out what type of story we'll get, and how much of a continuation of previous story lines we'll see.

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