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Republic commando demo


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Think it'll be any good? The gameplay movie I saw made the interface look really really good, but the action seemed more like stand here nigh on invincibly and shoot at enemies who also stand there until they fall over. Maybe it was on easy or something to make a nice movie, but still..........

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"Have you played the Star Wars Republic Commando demo included on KOTOR II for Xbox?"  That's the current poll on LA site. Will it be included on the PC version?


I don't remember where I have read this but Republic Commando will aswell come as a PC demo with KOTOR:TSL on the PC-CDrom release (I hope there is gonna be a DVD release although I doubt it).


I have played the demo on Xbox and I was surprised what a great game it was. The controls are almost the same as in Halo (left trigger throws a grenade, right trigger is a melee attack). You have only one gun that can be evolved into many others (using the cross directional and pressing once or twice a direction). The action is fluid, teammates can be easily contr

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The team commands are good, judging from the movies; just looks like everyone stands around shooting each other in the face though until something keels over, at least looking at the video with the battle droids and the droid dispenser...


I suppose there's also the issue of how much that sort of context-sensitive command system ends up just playing the game for you.

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