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I'm playing through the game on Dark Side (and having a wonderful time I assure you). One of my favorite things has been how you are able to bring out the best sides of your party members....or manipulate and twist them to your own will to be used as weapons. Its great fun! I've been having some trouble with my buddy Bao-Dur though.


Bao-Dur's alignment is very neutral....he sitting right on the cusp of being darkside! However, I have not actual talked to him and "seduced him to the darkside" yet. And its a crying shame too!


If I do some really evil action then Bao-Dur will slip to the darkside (his character screeen will be all red), his face will drastically change with dark black lines and he just looks mean. However, I'll go to another area or save and then load the same game and he'll be back to normal. I want Bao-Dur to bask in the dark side with me!


The only option I have to speak with him is asking "did something happen at Dxun" to which he just replys, "I don't want to talk about it." I get no influence failure, no nothing. Then all I can say is "do you want to talk about it?" and he just says no. And then I can ask about Dxun again or say goodbye.

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