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Bug or intentional difficulty on Korriban?


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Well, when I entered the tomb in the cave on Korriban, my force points would not regenerate. - at all. The Force points just stayed stuck at the same point until I got out of the tomb.


I got through it anyway - used lots of medpacs, but did this happen to anyone else?

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I would assume it depends... if you face other darksiders, or force ghosts, if whatever is doing it is sided with the others against you, sending them after you, it probably would block it then as well. Make you fight it /yourself/ without relying on the force so much for everything.

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I went there as my first planet and didn't have many extra medpacs, so I found something else cool/stupid about it.... You can't die.


I ran outta force points (several times, some events refill your FP) and about halfway through I also ran out of medpacs. And I had saved early into the cave, so I didn't want to have to play a different game from several hours earlier, so I just kept going. It ends up being like the Ender Spire from the first game, you will still get hit, and numbers will pop up over your head, but you can't die.


It was cool that I could still make it through, even though my Char wasn't really ready to be there. At the same time it was stupid that nothing I did could kill me, so it was all just free XP.

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I experienced the same difficulty but my Force regen didn't stop completely, it just proceeded very very slowly. Of course I was wearing Jedi robes and I had the Regenerate Force Powers feat.


I also had Force Channel initiated (the one with your saber styles) but I didn't notice much difference whether I had it on or not. Has anyone noticed this either?

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