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Other Titles this game coulda had....

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Like Kotor 2: Only Jedi's and Droids allowed

or :Exiles


It just seems there is way too much cliche in the party so far.


Everyone can be a jedi or is a droid.


Or what about...


Star Wars Clue: Who dun it?

Cause right now I have no idea who to trust. Everyone wants to protect me, yet Kreia is trying to kill Mira and it seems the Sith Blind Women, (btw did Obsidian get a group rate on blind women for this game?)

HK-47 wants to kill everyone

T3-M4 attacked HK-47

G0-T0 attacked the one armed man's droid and seems to have done something to HK-47.

Atton has major issues with the Handmaiden,


And the one armed man is just waaaaaay to quiet as he's always working on the ship but never has anything to say.


And every time I turn around there's another stowaway on board.


Not to mention that everyone is contacting Carth behind my backs, Atris just hates me for whatever reason, and the Jedi Masters won't tell me why I was really exiled, cause it's a reaaalllly big secret.


I'm surprised my character hasn't had a nervious breakdown yet and sealed himself off in the Hyperdrive chamber with 50 mines at the door, and a rancor behind them just in case they fail.


I'm almost to the point of needing new lungs from chainsmoking trying to figure out who i can and cannot trust, and a kidney transplant from all the caffine I've drank just trying to find out a little bit more and a little bit more and a little bit more, before I put the controller down.

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