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Question 4 the Devs?

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I know it's probably waaay too late to be bringing something like this up, but I'm kinda curious as to how well KotOR2 is expected to run on todays top of the line hardware. I know it's using the same engine as K1 but have any new optimizations been implemented for better performance?


I ask because on my pc (P4 3.2GHz w/HT, 1GB DDR400, 6800GT) I notice a surprisingly frequent number sub 30 fps drops in outdoor areas using maxed settings with 4xAA/8xAF in K1 (especially on Taris)... which I find a little strange seeing as they don't occur nearly as often in D3, HL2 or even Far Cry, all of which seem like more graphically intense games.


It doesn't run poorly, I mean it's certainly playable and it never dips below the 20s but it didn't run as smoothly as I'd expected. I'm hoping it can just be chalked up to inefficient coding in K1 since it was a console port, but since K2 will be as well I'm kinda curious if it will run any better? Thx :)

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i have the exact same setup as you except my cpu is overclocked slightly higher @ 3.4 and i agree kotor1 was not optimized very well. i would get some fairly large fps drops in some outdoor areas and especially when i walk up to a couple speeders. and we're talkin fps drops in the 30's here i dont even drop that far in doom3 hl2 or farcry. hopefully obsidian have tuned it up a little better.

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I have the same problems with my 3.2 Ghz/1 Gb RAM/6800 Nvidia Ultra...


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My computer would frequently, ah, "hiccup" when in combat, surrounded by muchos baddies and following the PC. However, when I turned the camera to the side, it gave me less trouble. :blink: I just hope it'll run better on my computer. This time around.


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