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Can You Guys Give Me A LiL Help

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Well, theres three for light side and three for dark.

Light: Jedi Weapon-master

Jedi Master

And another one I can't remember right now.


Dark: Sith Lord

Sith Marauder

Sith Assasin.


I think they all get unique force powers, and you get to them after a certain level. So you would start off as a Consular, and then could be a Weapon-master or something later on.

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Can someone give me a breif description about the classes in Kotor2. Like for example, what is a Sith Marauder?. What do they do? Thanks guys and gals.


Next time all you have to do is go back and look at the other topics to find your answers. :thumbsup: This is old info. :ph34r:


Jedi Master: A counterpart to Sith Lord. Can "inspire companions and followers, recover lost Force points faster than other characters." Think: Yoda.


Sith Lord: An

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