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Phantom New Posts?


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One bug I've noticed quite a lot in browsing the NWN boards lies in the order of posts as they're displayed on the screen. Posts are supposed to be top-down, and a post that is replied to moves to the top. However, I've found that some posts are moving to the top on their own without anyone replying at all. They have the 'new post' mark next to them, but the post in question has already been read and is actually fairly old.


Is anyone else noticing this? Is it a bug in the boards, or am I missing some hidden feature?


If it helps, I'm using Mozilla Firefox.

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I'm noticing the same thing as of late. Threads are at the top with indicated last posts of today, but the last post is actually a few days old.

I'm using Firefox as well, but I just checked the boards with IE and there's no difference, the odd chronology is still present in both browsers.

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At least I'm not alone...


I've been noticing it for several weeks now.


At first, I thought it might be edits, nope. Then I thought it might be polls, that didn't pan out either. Honestly, I can't see any reason for it. Sometimes, everything becomes 'marked read'... only a few hours later to revert back.

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Well, I am using Firefox and I don't have any problems at all.. Don't think it's browser related. Perhaps the board is sending out faulty cookies? (Mmm.. cookies..)

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