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A tidbit of info from EW magazine

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I think this Visas Marr is an apprentince to a sith lord because why would they hire someone who is relatively famous (and most likely had a high price tag) to do a voice that would only show up if the player makes choices that lead in the proper directions.


People seem to be finding info in the least likely of places. Good find!

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I am going to say.... this apprentice being as he/she hasn't been mentioned till now has a possibility of being your apprentice. She could easily be one of the NPC's based on alignment... on your journey to battle the new sith lords you kill one of them... say Sion or FSL... and the apprentice training under one of them see's your power and Marr choses to become your apprentice on the basis you are strong and the both of you can rise to the top with glory. Frankly, whether I would have a sith apprentice or not is still being debated. On the one hand the apprentice would be very powerful and an interesting plot developer. On the other hand... sith apprentices are known for deception and corruption and will most likely at one point try to sabotage or kill you when it is timely.

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Just how deep does the story go? Is it deeper than the first?

I think so, myself. To this day, I still don't know the full story, but I've seen plenty of snippets of it while debugging cutscenes and the like and personally I think it's got a lot of powerful moments throughout it. But hey, I'm working on it, so I'm kinda biased! :-



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