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Proper masks/helmets

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There were a whole range of masks/visors in KOTOR, but so many of them looked really really s***. One of the first ones you get is the Nerve Apmlifier (or something), but my PC just looked stupid with lumps of metal next to its ears. And in the cut-scenes the Verpine headband looked terrible.


And also, there were some that didn't sit right. The Sith mask from Uthar's room sits really low on the face, leaving the PC with a huge visible forehead.


What I was also thinking was that it would be cool if you could get full masks to go over the entire head. The only times that happened in KOTOR was when you had a full costume on like the Sith armour or the Sandpeople robes. I wanted to get some cool hooded robe or proper helmet.


A DS Revan with the Star forge robes and a hood would have looked cool. In KOTOR 2 I wanna be like the Emperor from ROTJ, letting loose with the force lightning and the evil laugh.

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I want a helmet that would look rad when I go bounty hunter...

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It would be nice if your PC had a hood. Then as you approcah a Sith Lord you take off the hood and say "you will be the wookie and the captain solo to me"


ooops wrong movie

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