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italian lesson


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Thought so. I knew da (de), Venus obviously (roman from aphrodite), sa (se), and some other stuff. I wasn't able to get alot of the end, and since I don't know any slang and the context was fitting, I could approximately fill in the blanks. Oh and sona is son, or are I think.

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yes the two are dissimilar enough to be very distinct languages and similar enough to confuse the hell out of you (and the people you are speaking to) when you are trying to have a conversation in Florence.

Yah, I can figure out what you are saying unless you go complicated or use slang. Or things are just exceptionally different. BTW, this thread was off topic when it was made. So many bastila threads exist it was doomed to make another one. The question is how much conversastion we will get before this is closed.

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