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Favorite Lightsaber Styles

Which one is it?  

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  1. 1. Which one is it?

    • Single
    • Dual (2 lightsabers)
    • Double-Bladed

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Double bladed in the superior style.

:lol: Someone finally voted for it...

I don't see why someone would vote for something else. A single lightsaber is just flat out puny and two lightsabers is clumsy. Double bladed is effective and efficient Jedi slaughtering.

:lol: Your saying 2 lightsabers are clumsy? Just think about the double-bladed. First of all, in combat you'd have to keep track of the positioning of both blades, just like dual but you have to always know during combat wherever one blade goes, the other is at it's opposite. And secondly, what Shin said. ;)

It would take only a moderate amount of training to over come this. As long as you're not twirling it like a cheerleader with a baton you would be fine. And yes double sabers are clumsy. You can just look at the animations in KOTOR and tell.

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When you use a weapon like a staff (2 sides instead of 2 seperate weapons) the off hand weapon is light and has a smaller penalty.

:lol: Oh. But it could be balanced if a person using two weapons had a shorter and lighter weapon in their off hand; short lightsaber. ;)

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