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How does a music maker get known by a company?

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Well they generally have to have some experience with pro-tools, the companies pretty much advertise for for a free lance composer, music is also one of the last things games companies generally look for aswell.


From what I know they try to work closely with the musicians, but they tend to not work in house and really they're rather distant from the team when you think of how tight knit the artists, programmers and designers need to be.


This is my current impression of how thing generally work when concerning music.



"I'm a programmer at a games company... REET GOOD!" - Me

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Look at the studios that do sound in your favorite games and try to contact them. Also, you may want to mention you are interested in doing other sound related things outside of music, such as editing and soudn efx.


If you are good/popular enough, they will find you. Otherwise, your going to need to send alot of demo tapes or better yet, provide stuff on the web.

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Really depends... Hmm nowadays a good start would be a MOD for a more popular came but keep an open eye if the team really is enthusiastic at all. Nothing sucks more than having an unfinished (not showable) project.


Additionally a shareware/mobile game might be a good start. Better to have a small reference on your list than nothing at all.


Of course you could just send demos and if you are really lucky someone might give you a chance but these cases are completely rare if not gone at all. Most Pubs/Devs got their favourite composer(s) and there are already a lot more out there waiting. Plus, even hollywood composers break into gamemusic these days.


Keep in mind that you might want to make demos in different styles. You never know what someone might be looking for.


That's all I can give as an advice right now. I wish you luck.

May the sound be with you. :rolleyes:




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