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Since dueling is very unJedi-like (as was pointed out earlier) why not have areas where you are tricked/trapped and dumped into a pen with a beast like a Rancor? That would fall more along the "proper" lines. Get scammed by a Hutt, get dumped into a pit, survive, the Hutt pays up for providing quality entertainment.

That's a little to gladiator/RotJ for me. I wanna have dueling in the ring just like it was in KOTOR except on all of the planets this time.

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I kinda like those touches that are reminiscent of the movies. As long as there aren't too many of them, they add something to the game. Though I agree, a rancor would be too much, the concept of being dropped into a pit with a giant beast has been done in at least 2 of the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games.


Dueling, as well as most bounty hunting should affect alignment.

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