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Will their be any easter eggs, and cheats in KOTOR2? Like the two Indiana jones games, where you can become guybrush threepwood, would Obsidian consider putting Lucas arts jokes in, like a cloud in the shape of sam or maxs head?


Anyone else reading this, would you like to see easter eggs in KOTOR2?

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I never saw the point in putting easter eggs in games. Especially when it's overdone, it just becomes rather silly.


So I guess to answer the original post, no I don't really want to see this done.

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I think it would be cool if you found kyle katan's clouths or vadar's mask or a robot hand.

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I like easter eggs. In Gothic 2 there were a hidden message in the night sky if you looked closely and observed the stars (if it was a cloudless night, that is). Also, you could find a few notes plus a very funny sign in other parts of the game. If you looked really hard.

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