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Allien jedis in your team

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The only MMORPG that charges on the PS2 is Final Fantasy XI that I know of. However, other than that, gaming online with the PS2 is free.


True,but you have to buy the equipment to play online and I don't have the money to spend on something like that. If I'm going to spend the money I'll just buy a game and skip the online play.

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Fair enough. I was just tossing the info out there. Since X-Box charges for X-Box live, many people assume there is a monthly fee to play PS2 online.


I'm pretty much out of luck for online gaming for the next few years. But I was never huge into it except for JK. Wouldn't mind playing some of the MMORPG but it'll have to wait.


But thanks for trying. :)

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There are free Ultima Online servers (Ultima Legacy being the best) if you're curious in trying them out. Ultima Online was the first, and not necessarily the best, but many people still love it.


It's quite time intensive.

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