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Lightsaber Stances YOU want to see

What lightsaber stance do you want to use?  

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  1. 1. What lightsaber stance do you want to use?

    • Revan's "scorpion" stance from the KOTOR flashback
    • Darth Malak's style
    • Count Dooku's style
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi's Form III defensive stance
    • Yoda/Qui-Gon Jinn acrobatic Form IV style
    • The default stance
    • Some other stance (specify)
    • Screw lightsabers! Hand me a blaster!
    • I use the Force.....

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there are three stances i would most liek to see....

firstly revans scorpion style which rules all other styles


secondly if you watch that cutscene again just after bastilla kills that dark jedi she uses a stance where her saber is behind her which revan then uses before decidiing upon scorpion stance


and thirdly if you watch the cutscene again you will see a jedi with a violet saber running to join the rest of teh party after bastilla kills teh dark jedi...this jedi uses a sort of scorpion stance aswell but its level with her waist


and those are the styles i think are very cool...if you agree plz confirm...if not then let me know.......and btw what is malaks style?



So basically you want whatever stance they ALL seem to be using. And as far as Malak's Style if everyone would pay attention for half a second you will notice that after he doeas a flurry his lightsaber comes up just like Revan's did in the "revan's Death" Cutscene..thus he probably used the same style

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Who cares about stances? Its the moves that matter.



..the five basic stances of Kenjutsu would do fine(well 4&5 is the same but left/right)

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