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System Slowdown


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I just got rid of some spyware (hdao.exe & jhenkij.exe), now my computer is running super slow. Usually it's Avant Browser and System under the Task Manager. I've tried a different web browser and it's doing the same thing. I've tried several AV programs (installed & online), Hijack This!, Ad-Aware 6.0 SE, and Spybot... nothing is coming up.


I also checked to make sure all of my hardware was working properly, all the fans, wires, and processor are all hooked up correctly and securely.


Any advice?

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Well, you could try uninstalling Avant and then reinstalling it (before backing up your bookmarks). However, I don't know if that will really help, b/c you said you experienced the problem with other browsers.


It might be that one of the spyware programs modified one of your Windows files, making your computer constantly check the internet for specific information to upload from your computer or download to it. But since you removed the main .exe file, the process never ends and keeps repeating itself.


Anyway, keep in mind I'm no authority on this stuff, just trying to help out.

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