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Force Speed; running

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Someone mentioned something about this in another forum, and it got me thinking.


It'd be much cooler to slow everything else down and leave your character moving at normal speed (in combat only; I'd still want the speed-up so that big game areas could be retread quicker).


Call it bullet-time, whatever, the idea's far older than the Matrix movies; that was the only time it was put on film in front of a mass audience. It's not an original idea!


When you use Force speed, that whole "screen blurring" thing really is stupid: you'd be able to see more, not less. There were even times where the blurring would still be on because my 36 seconds hadn't run out yet and I was in the gun turret shooting at blurry Sith fighters.


No blur effect please (or else make it much less obvious).

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What I suggested was indeed something like a bullet time "high level ability" that could replace the burst of speed power, provided you hade some prerequired fears, abilities e.t.c. I truly think it makes sense. After all if a Level 20 Jedi like Revan in KoTR 1 could use this power shouldn't -a level 30 or more (depending from the new level cap)- be able to use an even more powerfull version of this power? :ph34r:

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