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Where are the jedi hiding? and will they return?

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If I remember correctly Pope thinks Revan and Bastila fused to create Kreia.


Keeping in mind that this theory was created with less info than we hav today. It was certainly a... inventive theory. Then, i found it a little farfecthed, and i do now.


Certainly creative.


I really hink that some jedi are hiding somewhere, and will return. If they didnt at some point or another, I aint sure how the plot would unfold without returning jedi. It wuld work still if the jedi didnt return, but i think they will return.


Despite all the efforts of the sith over time (from KOTOR2 to past episode4,5,6 and beyond) they never seem able to wipe out every last jedi. some always seem to escape.

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I definitely believe that the jedi are hiding out biding there time for the right oppurtunity, I mean they're Jedi, they think before they act.


I don't think they are biding their time. (said this before) I think they are actually hiding because these new Sith Lords are too much of a match for them, especially since Revan is gone. But they could be doing both I guess.

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