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KoToR and Deus Ex

Did you notice it?  

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  1. 1. Did you notice it?

    • KoToR is basically a 3rd person Deus Ex
    • I think there were a few....
    • What are you talking about?
    • Go burn in hell.

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Well, there were many silimarities between this game and Deus Ex, I think. Gameplay wise, you solve mission goals but have the option of doing side quests for experience points to gain skill, and you upgraded yourself by skill and augments. Like in Deus Ex, you can pick a skin color, face, and gender. You can even pick your real name aside from your code name (JC Denton). There was a similar economy system in Deus Ex, where they used credits as well. You can choose your dialogues in conversations. You can pick different alliances.


You know the Taris mission where you got to get the rakghoul serum to save th people? It's like getting the ambrosia to save the people in Deus Ex from the grey death plague. You can give that small vial of ambrosia to a character to save him and finding tanks of it to save lots of people.


Now in Deus Ex 2: Invisible War, you come back as a different character (Alex Denton) 20 years later and you have the option of choosing to side with your character in the previous game (after finding out what happens to him at the end of the first game and which side he picks) or killing him and choosing a different alliance.


I think that this game is a Star Wars 3rd person version of Deus Ex with party characters, not that there's anything wrong with it. What made Deus Ex game of the year also made KOTOR game of the year, IMO, and I loved both games.


Thoughts? Anymore similarities that I might have missed?

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I've never played either Deus Ex games, but i know both well, and the similarities r there.

The one difference i can see between Deus Ex and KOTOR2 is that Deus Ex 2 was very different from the original, as it developed a sort of fps/console bias. KOTOR2 however, will not be radically different, mainly improved, refined, and polished, with extra bits bolted on. Still, thats no bad thing.

If it aint broken dont fix it, cus u just break it, and then need to end up fixing it.

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If u read properly Sirius, i said that i know both games well. Just that i hav never played them.

Then i made my comparison.

In future, pls read posts properly. Thank You!

All well and good my friend, but I wasnt talking to you! I was talking about our friend charles vrike!


In future, pls read posts properly. Thank You! :lol:

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Let's make my point about this:


Basically, it's just a matter of choice. In both games you have some freedom to do certain things. In Deus Ex, it's an action freedom, you can basically choose 3 paths to do things like opening a door, manage your way into a base, ... while it's a dialog freedom we have in KotOR where you can choose to say and consequently to do (because saying something like "I gonna kill you Sith scum!" will certaintly end in a fight) something bad or good and perhaps more neutral. You've certaintly noticed most of the KotOR quests can be solved to get DS points, LS points or no Side points at all, like it's possible to kill Anna in the 747, in the metro station or in the UNATCO Headquarter and in the last case, you can even use her killswitch word in Deus Ex. Gameplay wise, it's very similar, and in both games, it's not very difficult to play them at least 3 times to see most of it's content without having the sensation you know them by heart (which I had in Invisible War while finishing it for the second time...).

I think Warren Spector noticed this in an interview and noticed the manicheism of the game 'KotOR) too, so this poll and assertion don't seem me stupid or laughable at all.

I hope this fundamental gameplay element will stay in KotOR II.

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I think it's mostly coincidence.


And since Invisible War was a disappointment, let's hope that isn't the model for KOTOR II.

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Since Obsidian do not plan to make it's own 3D Engine nor adding some "me-too!" stuff, there is some chances that KotOR II will be very similar to the first one gameplay wise.


This is perhaps a coincidence that the gameplays of Deus Ex and KotOR are actually the same in the way BioWare did not want to make a Deus Ex-like, but the facts are here.

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