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How do you change your avatar on this forum?

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I feel naked without one, as I don't feel at home until I have one… I've searched and found nothing that answers my question, so pardon me if this has already been addressed…

Thanks in advance for any info that you folks can provide!

Oh, and hello mods!
I prefer gaming forums that are fully-moderated, as unmoderated ones often devolve into a chaotic mess.

NOTE: Not being a sycophant by the way, I'm just someone who despises unmoderated forums, so I really appreciate coming across ones that are fully-moderated…

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Hi dnmr2k24,

Welcome to the community! Once you have five approved posts, your account will become a Member and more options are possible then. I look forward to your contributions to OBS sandbox :) 

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You should be able to click the "Circle D" that currently represents where your avatar would be.  This will take you to your profile.  You should see a icon (by the Circle D on your profile on desktop, I think its to the left of your Circle D profile symbol on mobile) that allows you to change your photo.  Max file size is .1MB.  Once you upload the picture, it should give you the option to 'center' the image so you can get what you want in the profile area.

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