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(since forum troubleshooting has a thread in this category, I thought this might go here as well)

I'm looking to post some very comprehensive Deadfire skill check compilations. It's become quite the project. As one part of it, I need my program to be able to generate well-formatted text that I can just copy/paste into a post. Tables, I need tables. This post has a layout that I would like to build upon, but I cannot figure out how to post a table like that, let alone how to write raw text that translates into that. Can I get out of WYSIWYG-mode and write code to generate tables?

I want to use other kinds of formatting too (bold, color, etc), so I think I really need to be able to rawtext this somehow :)

I see that if I make a [ b ]hello[ /b ] post, that actually becomes bold, so there is hope for rawtexting!

I contacted Noqn (who used the table) and it seems that it was done by pasting Rich Text. Still don't know of a way to rawtext that, but there's at least a way now. Now using this post as testing grounds...

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