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Just a little more for building and gear

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Now personally i love all the new content added with the release of the full game however i hope i'm not alone in noticing what feels like some gaps when it comes to some structure and gear based content. Like the new ash building bits for example, very smooth and unique with its nice modern-esq appearance (being that its like concrete), however it leaves a gap since while there's more or less a related tier of floor and roof structure for each kind of walling it feels like that stops with ash which while isn't bad with the burr floors it doesn't really match the clover or feather roofing. My first thought for this is Pinecone shingles since that matches the ash both in resource tier as well as aesthetically.

However while thinking on it i also realized there isn't many options for stairs and doors since in terms of doors there isn't anything beyond palisade gates and the normal doors and stairs stop at straight grass and spiraling acorn ones, but with all the new resources there's plenty of things to build with that would be not only fitting but also generally pretty rad. Like a drawbridge made from pinecones pulled up and let down by spider silk or a portcullis made from splinters held together with chewing gum or lint rope for unique entry ways that would match the vibe of the mushroom brick (and ash depending on how you use it)while feeling akin to later game versions of the palisade wall and gates; or a somewhat curved staircase made from bur or pinecone. 

And for gear: the Mantis got a full set of armor + a weapon yet the Broodmother remains having just a helmet paired with their weapon, not a huge deal but i still think if there's a set for one there should be for both. With the staffs there's Sour, Spicy and Fresh but no Salty staff which feels disappointing since the current three are super cool and fun to use. There's a tier two bow and crossbow but only a tier 3 crossbow, while i can understand why i do still think having a faster but less damaging tier 3 bow option would be nice, could be made from black widow parts and lint and have a venom crit or something. I also am mildly disappointed there isn't some kind of flail amongst the tier 3 weapons and that neither of the tier 3 shields look like a tower/war door, heater, kite shield or really anything other than a round shield(ladybird one is essentially a round shield with indents so i feel that while the aspis type design is cool, doesn't quite count as not a round shield). I also still firmly believe a grappling hook or something would be awesome.

Aside from that there isn't much else i can think of other than maybe add more traps/defensive structures? Would love to hear other ideas though.

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