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To remove stumps or not to remove stumps?

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I've had people tell me that removing grass, weed, and dandelion stumps will prevent them from growing back. I've had other people tell me that they won't grow back UNLESS you remove the stumps.

Which is it? I don't want to forever screw up the landscape and resource access around my base.

Thank you for your valued input.

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I always cut the stump, and it grows back in my solo offline playthrough.

My guess is it always grow back except if you build on it. The only time it didn't grow back was in the sandbox during early access, I cannot say if it was intended or a bug.

Your best shot is to go to a place you don't really care about, take a screenshot of the grass, cut some whole and for some leave a stump... then come back a few days later and compare.

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