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Cut Content - Critical Role SSS Encounter

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At some point during development of Seeker, Slayer, Survivor there was to be a "Champion of the Hunt" challenge involving a fight against the members of Vox Machina. The remaining data (character stats, arena encounter listing, and a conversation) and ui suggests it was probably in early stages when it was scrapped.


Though it is no longer accessible via the Pool of Memories without mods, it can still be started through the console ( ` ) with cheat enabled (iroll20s): 

  1. To load into the map: 
    LaunchRandomEncounter 7ae85798-f2a8-41ff-a210-ffdbce5f2311
  2. To get the conversation to play and the characters to turn hostile: 
    StartConversation b1a8e901-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 85427693-4d26-4f96-9f17-3358fb87d940 0

The conversation consists purely of lines taken from the voice sets added in the Critical Role Pack dlc. Though audio no longer plays as it should, due to the "ExternalVO" line in the .conversationbundle file pointing to old/incorrect filenames. There are also no portraits attached to the characters. Either way I would guess it was only ever meant to serve as a placeholder conversation for the early stages of development.


There is no reward for completing this encounter.

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A lot of skimming through .gamedatabundle files for modding! 😄

For the longest time I just thought the Vox Machina character data in SSS files was somekind of buried Easter egg. Like maybe the characters were in the spectators stands. (Very well armed spectators!)

I finally tracked down an encounter with the DebugName of "lax01_arena_duel_vox_machina", I figured maybe it could be unlocked by playing through some combination of SSS fights. Only to find out even if you were to meet the conditions to show it (one of which being a boolean that's always set to "False"), it isn't even on the list of available arena encounters.

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